The Ultimate List Of iPhone Tricks And Secret Features You Never Knew About

15 January 2018, 17:11 | Updated: 15 January 2018, 17:28

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26 iPhone secrets, shortcuts and hidden features you should know about. Picture: other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

The iPhone has tons of cool features - and loads of them are hidden. Here's the ultimate list of iPhone tips and tricks you need to know about

1. Hide message previews

This feature stops the actual text of messages being shown on your lock screen. Instead you just get a notification that you have received the message. Perfect for when you're around nosey people.

Just head into settings, go to 'notifications' then 'messages' and then untick 'show preview'. You can also do this with other messaging apps like WhatsApp.

2. Easy battery saving tips

- Turn on 'battery saver'. This is available in the quick menu (swipe up from the bottom of your phone).

- Close all your open apps (double tap home button and swipe all the apps up)

- Turn off 'background app refresh' (in 'settings' and then 'general')

3. Take photos while filming video

You can take pictures while you're filming a video, without interrupting the video at all. When you're recording a video, just press the white circle button that appears below the main red one to take pics as you film.

4. Scroll through your messages using 3D touch

You know when you write a whole massive sentence and then realise you got a letter wrong in the second word? You then need to either backspace the whole sentence or have to try and jab your way to that incorrect letter with the manual precision of a brain surgeon.

Well fortunately there's actually a better way, and one that Apple, in typical Apple fashion never tells you about for some reason. If you press hard on your typed text, you will '3D touch' it (if you have an iPhone with 3D touch. Every iPhone from the 6S has it). This will then let you freely swipe along and precisely choose where you'd like to type.

5. Search for a specific word on a page (like CTRL + F)

If you want to find a specific word on a web page, just type it into your safari bar and then go to the bottom option that will appear, which reads "on this page" along with how many matches it has found for that word.

6. Set custom emoji shortcuts

You can set your phone to suggest emojis when you type custom words. For example, if you use the kiss emoji a lot, you can set your phone to know that when you type 'ks', it suggests a kiss emoji for you.

You can do this by going into settings, then into 'general', then into 'keyboard' and then pick 'text replacement'. Put the emoji you want in the 'phrase' box and the shortcut you want in the 'shortcut' box. Your phone will then automatically pull that emoji through when you type that shortcut.

7. Have your iPhone announce out loud who is calling you

Great if you want to feel like a king who has things announced to him. Bad if you're cheating.

You can turn on 'Announce calls' in 'settings' and then in the 'phone' menu within that.

8. See a desktop version of a website while on mobile

If you're looking up a website on your phone, but don't want the mobile version, you can hold down the 'refresh' button in the top right of the screen (it's the little bendy arrow that you use to reload a website). When you hold it down, a menu will pop up and offer you the desktop version.

9. Undo on the calculator

If you swipe left along the top of the calculator, it will act as an 'undo'. It undoes things one step at a time as it goes.

10. It has a spirit level (that bubble measuring thing)

Inside the iPhone compass app is a digital spirit level. You may know this as that stick with a bubble in it that you can use to work out if a surface is level. Perfect for if you're putting up a poster and you want it to be precisely straight.