Jacob Sartorius Fans Are Searching For His Phone Number - And Getting In Serious Danger

11 July 2016, 16:20 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

This is VERY worrying.

It's been several weeks since the Jacob Sartorious nudes scandal died down but it seems it hasn't held others back in trying to gain access to the star's personal information. Despite reports that the messages were faked and/or the girl in question was speaking to someone pretending to be Jacob, it's come to our attention that there are a lot of people trying to find out Jacob's phone number as well as him home address and personal email.

In an age where YouTubers feel like our best friends and we're closer than ever to our favourite celebrities, it makes sense that we feel like we're a part of their lives. However, the amount of search results for "Jacob Sartorious phone number" is seriously worrying.

We were having a search on Google for the latest Jacob Sartorious news- to make sure you lot didn't miss out on a thing- but when we typed in his name, the search options included "age" and, you guessed it, "phone number".

Jacob Sartorious phone number

When you search "Jacob Sartorious phone number", you're left with a rather disturbing amount of result. Well over half a million results, you're bombarded with apparent personal information. Which leads us on to several very important points: Jacob is 13!

Attempting to gain access to anyone's personal information without their permission is just plain wrong but Jacob is a child which makes the entire thing even more mind-blowing. Whilst we'd like to believe it's just naďve fans eager to speak to their idol, we all know the Internet can be a dark and dangerous place, something which was recently highlighted when a man was jailed for pretending to be vlogger Zoe Sugg in order to groom young fans online.

The entire issue also brings recent heartbreaking security problems to the forefront of our minds after YouTuber and musician Christina Grimmie was horrifically murdered at a meet and greet event. More than ever before, YouTubers need to feel safe and protected in their environment- it's a basic human right- but with lines constantly being blurred thanks to social media, it's becoming harder than ever.

And first and foremost is the importance of keeping young people safe online.

If you click on any of the thousands of websites available having searched for Jacob's number, you're greeted with phrases like "home address" and "personal email". Whilst these sites shouldn't exist full stop, the fact that "Jacob Sartorious phone number" is the second most popular search term after just his name shows just how in demand his personal details are and how people are searching for them.

Jacob Sartorious phone number

In the name of research, we clicked on several of the sites and were pretty terrified at what we found.

WARNING: Do not click on these sites.

Amongst a whole host of random phone numbers claiming to be his are comments from young, impressionable fans who are leaving their personal phone number and begging Jacob to call them. Another comment sees a fan list a phone number and claims it belong to Jacob- apparently she called it and knew it was him because he "sang to her". A comment reply from the same girl just a little while later then warns people that the number does not belong to Jacob and not to use it.

Another site worryingly lists rules and regulations once they've given you access to Jacob's number. The way to gain access is to click a download link which has the potential to most likely contain a deadly computer virus, pornography or even spyware which would allow people to secretly view you via your webcam without you ever realising.

We'd encourage Google to flag these sites as potentially dangerous and act on them; for the safety of both the Internet stars themselves, and fans of all ages. Until then, you can find out more about how to stay safe online and what to do if you feel you're out of your depth via the NSPCC's online safety page.