This YouTube Merch Will Help You Get Straight A's In Your Exams*

11 April 2016, 15:04 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Notebooks, pens, stickers... We've found the best!

It's officially exam season which means panicking, 3am revision sessions and a whole load of Post-It notes. When you're not trying to remember a poem word for word you're working out equations that you'll never use again. It's a tough life. But luckily, revision doesn't have to be boring as we've found some amazing YouTube inspired stationary that will make you want to hit the books ASAP. Just add some giant chocolate buttons and you're all set.

So, if you want Phil Lester or Joe Sugg to help you pass your exams, it's time to get shopping...

The JackSepticEye Backpack

You need something to carry your books around in so what could be better than this awesome JackSepticEye bag? It also comes with a smaller bag which you can use for pencils, make-up or as a clutch bag. It's an absolute steal from Etsy!

YouTuber merch


The Five Nights At Freddy's iPad Case

Using your iPad for revision? Or just to distract yourself with an epic game of Candy Crush? Fan of Markiplier? Say hello to this iPad cover which is available for iPad Mini, Air, 2, 3 and 4. You can get it from Ebay.

youtuber merch


The Zoella Notebook

If you're dreaming of becoming the next beauty entrepreneur, Zoe Sugg isn't a bad choice of idol. So if you're scribbling away your business studies notes, take them down in this Zoella notebook and prepare to be the next Gleam Queen!

Zoella notebook


The Dan Howell NoteBook

Zoella not your style? How about this Dan Howell version?

youtuber merch


The Smosh Stickers

If you're the type of person who colour-codes everything then accessorise your notes with these Smosh stickers. Because who wants to look at boring white lined paper?

youtuber merch


The James And Friends Range

Jim Chapman's stationary range is simply amazing and we keep all our Very Important Documents in the ring binder at We The Unicorns HQ. The James and Friends pen is a must purchase and the stationary set will have you actually looking forward to studying!

james and friends


*We can't promise but good luck!