Here Is Every JULY YouTuber Birthday You Need To Know

1 July 2016, 12:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Get those birthday cards ready!

How is it July 1st already?! Every single day we creep closer and closer to Christmas and the unavoidable ageing process, but what we can celebrate today is that this month brings with it a whole bunch of brand new YouTuber birthdays to get v. excited about! If you're interested to see which other birthdays have happened this year, check out our previous calendars and make sure you don't forget for 2017!

This month we only have nine big name YouTube birthdays, and you can get like 10 cards for a couple of quid from the shop, so sending all your faves a nice little letter won't break the bank thankfully! If you think we've missed any birthdays, or want to make sure your fave gets featured in an upcoming month, let us know in the comments below and we'll make sure it gets done.

*Oh and you can also click on the calendar below to expand it!




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