12 LGBTQ+ YouTube Channels That Are Totally Safe For Kids

23 March 2017, 12:16 | Updated: 7 February 2018, 17:26

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By Charleyy Hodson

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This week, news broke that YouTube's algorithm may have been censoring the videos of LGBTQ+ creators who post videos that are totally safe for children. We wondered what we could do to prove that children are more than welcome, and safe, in this community. So, we've rounded up 12 creators who embody the friendly, open and non-explicit side of YouTube that were wrongly censored by this Restricted Mode.

First, let's lay down some ground rules. This article is purely educational, and was created to help spread the word of creators who may have been unfairly affected by YouTube's latest Restricted Mode controversy. Whilst YouTube boasts thousands of LGBTQ+ voices, some may discuss sex in more explicit, 18+ ways so this list features YouTubers that are suitable for younger ears.

Also, we all know about Gigi Gorgeous and Tyler Oakley, so let's spotlight some other people doing great things in the community, shall we?!

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Queer Kids Stuff -

This entire channel is dedicated to the education and communication of the LGBTQ+ community in a way designed for children to understand. The video below sees the adaption of Cinderella from traditional fairy tale into a story about transgender identities.

Alex Bertie -

For the past six months, Alex has been undergoing top surgery in addition to discussing his life on T (Testosterone). Based on the way he films his videos and speaks very openly to his audience, this kind of insight into a real person transitioning on a daily basis is fundamental for children either struggling with this concept or wanting to learn more about it for themselves.


Domo and Crissy -

This channel comes from two of the most inspiring women on the planet and their lives as a lesbian couple. Whilst they mostly post YouTube challenges, pranks and daily vlogs, plus we get a wholesome look into the relationship between two women and their road to having a baby. (btw, congrats on coming to the world lil Domonic!)

Jake Edwards -

Jake is the lucky bug dating Alex Bertie, who was featured earlier on the list. Jake's channels features a whole host of collaborations with other members of YouTube's LGBTQ+ community, but from time to time he talks about things his viewers may have questions about - such as "they/them pronouns", coping with mental health and being non-binary.


Ash Hardell -

As a YouTuber who has documented their wedding, their name change and all the most important ABC's of LBGT+, Ash Hardell is a YouTuber that is not only safe for children but incredibly real and honest.

Zinnia Jones -

Zinnia is one of the most popular transgender vloggers on YouTube. Her videos focus specifically on debunking myths and common misconceptions, discussing gender and sexuality politics and she frequently uploads "explainers" of complex ideas in a way that anyone could understand.

Kat Blaque -

Kat's series, True Tea, sees her taking most of the most common but difficult to answer questions when it comes to gender and race. With her position as a woman, being trans and being black, she represents a hugely important intersection of oppressed cultures and her voice is hugely important and totally safe for children.

Jackson Bird -

Jackson, in addition to his "Will It Waffle" series, posts videos where people ask him a series of questions about topics concerning the LGBTQ+ community. The one we've shared below sees him talk about gender as a social construct, because for young children this is a binary often forced upon them.


Rose and Rosie -

As a lesbian and a bisexual woman in a beautiful and honest relationship with each other (and the Internet), Rose and Rosie are a truly inspiring example of people who haven't made it their brand to discuss sexuality - but to live it.

MilesChronicles -

From their coming out video to simply just navigating life as goofy human being, Miles is one of the most down to earth and genuinely funny LGBTQ+ vloggers on YouTube. With a huge following, and bunch of videos just waiting for you to watch on repeat, Miles is a YouTuber who's totally safe with children watching.


See?! Didn't we tell you they were all totally safe for children! Let us know in the comments below if we've missed any of your faves.

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