The 19 Wildest Parts Of Logan Paul And Bella Thorne’s New Music Video

16 October 2017, 13:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

YouTube users Logan Paul & Emma Thorne

By Benedict Townsend

No shoes, no shirt, no problem

Logan Paul is many things, but it cannot be denied that he is primarily a master of surprise. Logan, never one to stay still, is constantly surprising YouTube audiences with weird and (sometimes) wonderful new video ideas.

Case in point - his new music video with woman-of-the-moment Bella Thorne. It displays typical Paul cunning in that stars Bella Thorne, who is, in the word's of Jacobim Mugatu "so hot right now", on YouTube, partly thanks to her very PDA-heavy relationship with Tana Mongeau.

The video is ... pretty nuts, but admittedly a lot of fun. Here are the 13 wildest moments:


1. Bella and Logan bond over their shared hatred for shirts

Shirts r 4 nerds.

logan paul bella thorne

2. The first mention of shampoo

Wait, what?


3. Things heat up

What would Tana say?!

logan paul bella thorne

4. The reveal

Wait, THIS is what the song is about??

logan paul bella thorne

5. Bella turns nasty

This can't be good.

logan paul bella thorne

6. This robe

What exactly are we looking at here?

logan paul bella thorne

7. Logan does the 'everyday bro' arms

Of course he does.

logan paul bella thorne

8. It starts to rain indoors

Always sad when bad plumbing ruins a perfectly good music video.

logan paul bella thorne

9. Bella accidentally electrocutes herself

This video takes some TURNS.

logan paul bella thorne

10. You shouldn't touch someone who has just been electrocuted, Logan

She's literally just been flooded with electricity and you're covered in water and you're gonna touch her? Not safe, bro.

logan paul bella thorne

11. This is what happens when you get electrocuted

You become an alien monster zombie thing. Science says so.

logan paul bella thorne


12. Bella's friends from the beginning are also zombies now?

Maybe that was explained in a deleted scene. We'll have to wait until the Director's Cut blu-ray comes out to find out.

logan paul bella thorne


That's not legal, right? Is that legal?

logan paul bella thorne


14. Katanas

'Nuff said.

logan paul bella thorne

15. Bella is Poison Ivy now

Alrighty then.

logan paul bella thorne


The greatest two-word phrase in the English language.

logan paul bella thorne

17. S U P E R  P U N C H

It's not really clear what is happening at this point, but hey, we're rolling with it.

logan paul bella thorne

18. Oooooh it was aaaaall a dream

Or really, a nightmare. What a ride.

logan paul bella thorne

19. Our hero's journey comes to an end

I guess the real Bella Thorne make-out session was the friendships we made along the way.

logan paul bella thorne

You can rewatch the video here: