3 YouTube Musician’s Destined To Be The Next Troye Sivan

23 March 2017, 13:52 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Let's get M U S I C A L. ?

Hello from London Small YouTubers!

If you tell us you’re a big fan of videos about music on YouTube, we’d say “Oh yeah, what kind? Covers? Originals? Music commentary? Rap Battles? Improvisation? Famous musicians? Undiscovered musicians? Tutorials?”. So let's be a bit more specific!

Music is an integral part of YouTube, and there really is something out there for everyone. Rather than suggest three of our favourite small YouTuber artists, we thought we’d choose three YouTubers who only just begin to represent the broad range of musical interests available on the platform.


Piers SK

Let’s start with a singer. Piers uploads a mixture of comedy vlogs and music covers to his channel, and he uses his own distinctive flair and creativity to great effect in all of his videos. Even his simple cover videos, like the one we’ve chosen below, use interesting angles and lighting to create a feeling of closeness between performer and viewer and we find them especially captivating.

If you’re tired of overproduced music videos, Piers’ raw quality should certainly appeal to you.


The Spanish Guitar Hub

YouTube is an amazing place to learn how to pick up a new instrument or hone pre-existing skills. If you’ve ever wondered how to play Spanish guitar, Edina is a talented full-time musician and uses her channel to educate her viewers about the theory and techniques involved in playing this particularly fun style of music.

Not only does she provide easy to follow tutorials, she also gives away free tabs to help you learn while throwing in a few performances and musical collaborations as well.



Music has all kinds of niches, and perhaps you fall into the category of being a vinyl fan! In which case, there is a vinyl community out there waiting for you of which CatieWahWah is beginning to play a major part. Catie presents a combination of vinyl record reviews, pop culture analysis, vinyl hauls and live-streams.

Her record collection is to die for, and with her evident passion and knowledge, she truly proves that anyone can bust that vinyl-fan stereotype.

A huge thanks to London Small YouTubers for yet another guest post highlighting some incredible up-and-coming talent!

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