Pages You NEED To Read in Alfie Deyes' 'The Scrapbook Of My Life'

24 March 2016, 17:08 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Annabel Swinbank

Alfie Deye's second book has officially been released today. "Scrapbook Of My Life" is the ultimate journal of a YouTuber.

As of today, Thursday the 24th of March Alfie Deyes' new book has officially been released across the globe. We couldn't wait to get our hands on it and read all about Alfie's life so far. After reading it cover to cover, we have chosen the best pages including some exclusive stories even die hard Alfie fans won't know about.

Pages 12-13- "Baby Stats"

Early in the book, we start to learn about Alfie's childhood. From his very short birth of 20 minutes to his nursery days, Alfie tells us EV-ERY-THING. Pages 12-13 are some of the most interesting because they give us an insight into his early health problems too- it turns out that Alfie was actually born with a cyst on one of his lungs. He also suffered from 'Baby Bronchitis', meaning that Alfie was in and out of hospital during the first two years of his life. Luckily the cyst went away and he recovered from bronchitis. Phew!


Pages 38-39- "My First Proper Hobby"

Believe it or not, Alfie's first hobby wasn't YouTube - it was actually Gymnastics. He started off trampolining and then worked his way up to floor work in actual competitions. Alfie came first in 11-13 Sussex Boys Final and praises one of his primary school teachers Mrs Caines for his success. He says she played an important role in his life and thanks her for instilling a "courage and belief" that has stuck with him to this day.


Page 107- "Getting To Know Zoe"

Alfie discusses the early stages of Zalfie when they were living separately and weren't able to see each other on Alfie's birthday. Whilst Skyping one another, Alfie heard a knock at the door. It was a Pizza Delivery Man and immediately he knew Zoe was up to something. Turns out, she had ordered him his favourite pizza to make up for not being there, swoon... #baegoals


Pages 116-126- "Not Such A Good Day For Me..."

In Alfie's teenage years, it became a real struggle to keep producing YouTube videos for his channel while also going to college. Balancing the two became virtually impossible after his channel started to gain thousands of subscribers. During his A-Levels, he revised for just one hour per exam (tut tut!) and this lead to disappointing results. Giving advice to his young subscribers, Alfie writes "Never Do This" and explains that they should learn from his mistakes.


Pages 170-173- "The Craziest Day Of My Life So Far..."

Can you remember when Alfie's first book signing in London caused quite a commotion across London? It made thousands of die-hard fan flock to Waterstones in the hope of meeting Alfie and getting a copy of his highly anticipated debut publishing,'The Pointless Book'. After getting a phone call from his manager begging him to tell fans NOT to come to London, he knew something had gone wrong. 15 policeman on horseback were attempting to control the crowd whilst two helicopters circled up above. He describes the moment he and Zoe were in the taxi and saw it unfolding; "Zoe burst into tears and I was so close to crying. Not because we were sad but purely because seeing so many people who were there to show their support".


Pages 190-191- "Nala"

Of course Nala had to make an appearance in The Scrapbook Of My Life as she has become such a huge part of both his and Zoe's channels; "Words cannot describe how much work a puppy is". In fact, in Alfie words, he compares training a new puppy like Nala to having a new baby. He writes that he got barely any sleep in the first few weeks of having her but that "I wouldn't change anything about Nala, she's my little friend. I love her so much".


And finally pages 220-221 - "Thank You"

As a fitting tribute to all of his subscriber's, Alfie's book ends with a huge thank you to all the people around the world who watch his videos; "Some people need their morning coffee to get them up and ready for the day, but I'll be reading my 'fan mail' to get me up and ready". Alfie then goes on to say how lucky he feels to have done so many amazing things at the age of twenty two, and that all his family and fans have made his dreams come true. Ending his book with one of his favourite quotes; "Never settle for less than you deserve".


"The Scrapbook Of My Life" is available worldwide on Amazon now!