Marina Joyce Jokes: When Will They Stop?

7 October 2016, 11:08 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

The latest comments have left us feeling REALLY uneasy.

Marina Joyce jokes came in thick and fast as soon as #SaveMarinaJoyce began to trend on Twitter. In light of a rather scary situation, everyone from Marina's fans to YouTubers to media publications joked about Marina- laughing both at and with her. Now, several months down the line, the jokes seemingly haven't stopped- and they're getting worse.

Whilst Marina herself hasn't spoken about any health problems, it has been widely speculated that Marina may have gone through or be going through some mental health issues. When we spoke to Marina Joyce at Summer In The City 2016, she told us that she felt she didn't have to share everything going on behind the scenes and didn't have to answer any questions from the public or press about the state of her mental health.

However, for most, it's clear to see Marina's behaviour either has done or still does cause a little concern.

Marina Joyce jokes

So why is the world ridiculing her still?

We've already discussed in detail about how PewDiePie has potentially taken the Marina Joyce jokes too far, to the point where other YouTubers have begun speaking out against him. However, we were recently surprised to see the amount of comments on a simple tweet from the YouTube Space London where Marina was visiting.

Rather than the expected comments of asking what Marina is doing at the Space or complimenting her outfit, YouTube Space London were inundated with troll-like comments. The Marina Joyce 'jokes' came out in force, from accusations of the YouTuber being on drugs to a person begging her to "kidnap [them]" to degrading sexual comments. And it got us thinking - will this ever end?

How long do people have to ridicule Marina before it no longer become funny? How long will Marina Joyce be the butt of so many Internet jokes? And while we absolutely have freedom of speech, at what point does it become insensitive?

We want your views- do you think Marina Joyce jokes are funny? Or should we all agree enough is enough? Write your views in the comments below.