Markiplier Animated And Harto Meets Daniel Radcliffe - Weekly Round-Up 27/11

30 November 2015, 10:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Yet another week full of amazing new videos from every YouTube genre!

Our favourite part of the week is curating a bunch of videos from every YouTube genre to give you a whole bunch of new videos to sample; And this week's offering is full of some epic content!

This week we've got music from Dodie Clark, sketches about "trash babies", and Daniel freakin' Radcliffe - so settle in, scroll on, and enjoy!



Hannah Hart - "Newlyfriend Game w/ Daniel Radcliffe!"

This might be the most important collaboration of our time. Everyone's Harto meets the Boy Wizard. And calls him a friend! And makes him do challenges! Seriously, we think it's high time DanRad got himself a YouTube channel...



Dodie Clark - "Sick Of Losing Soulmates"

Original music from Dodie!! It feels like it's been ages, but one of our favourite singers in the UK has posted an incredible low-key indie song. Play it in your saddest moments.




You've never seen a dramatic pregnancy talk like this one. In a new sketch brought to us by the Fine Bros, some concerned parents confront their daughter about her teenage pregnancy. But who is the father of the baby? The term "Sewer Boy" is thrown around a bit...



The Dudesons - "The FAST FOOD CANNON!!"

Food videos don't always need to be recipe videos. Sometimes, they can just be a big burly Finnish dude being shot in the face with a food cannon. Honestly, you need this in your life more than anything else right now.



polandbananasBOOKS - "BINGE BOOK BUYING"

Book buying: you can never get just one. Even seasoned BookTuber Christine Riccio has to give into her impulses occasionally and go on a spending binge! If you know that feel, click away and let Christine regale you with her latest book-filled struggle.



Samantha Maria - "How I Style Knee High Boots"

Knee-high boots can be pretty hard to pull off (figuratively and literally). But if you've ever wanted to rock a pair and had any doubts about what kind of outfit to pair them with, then Samantha Maria's got you completely covered!



"Climate Change: The View From MinuteEarth"

YouTube have been running their #OursToLose campaign for the past week or so, to draw attention to the ever-present issue of climate change. This endearing animation from MinuteEarth was released as part of the campaign, and will give you a quick and easy breakdown of all the most important facts.



Markilplier Animated - "Fatal Frame 2"

If there's one thing funnier than Markiplier videos, it's Markiplier videos that have been animated to fit his wacky commentary. Mark's adventures in Fatal Frame 2 have been given the cartoon treatment, and it's almost as ridiculous as the original gameplay!



Grav3yardgirl - "PINTERTEST- DIY SLIME!"

SLIME EVERYWHERE. In a new Pintertest challenge, Bunny Meyer is straight-up... making slime. But not the gross kind, the "fun for families" kind. If there is such a thing. If that seems like it's up your alley, let Bunny take you through the nasty steps!



VanossGaming - "Star Wars Battlefront Launch - Funny Animations and Ewok Hunt!"

Star Wars: Battlefront is finally out for general release, and every gamer is having a dang good time with it. VanossGaming's experience so far has been pretty hilarious, and the Ewok hunt they go on in this latest release is definitely no exception.