QUIZ: Can You Match The YouTuber To Their Good Deed?

16 November 2016, 16:48 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

phil lester good deed

By Benedict Townsend

So many awesome YouTubers do so many awesome things - but can you match them to their work in charity, volunteering or general niceness?

So we all know that YouTubers are multi-talented beasts; but among their myriad of skills lies the incredible ability to do amazing things for charity.

In honour of the #iwill campaign, we pulled together 9 instances of YouTubers doing fantastic charitable things. But the question is, can you tell which YouTuber did which awesome thing?

Take the quiz below!

Have you ever wanted to do some good, in the same vein as your favourite creators? The #iwill campaign is guaranteed to give you a few ideas how!

Visit their website here.