Nathan Zed Is the YouTuber You NEED To Know About In 2016

7 January 2016, 17:06 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:33

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Nathan Zelalem, aka Nathan Zed, aka. TheThirdPew is a YouTuber that began blowing up in 2015 and who is now on an unstoppable rise towards YouTube stardom. But who is he?



Well quite simply he's an Ethiopian-American dude who makes damn good videos. How good are these videos, you ask?


Well, John Green Is A Fan, For One


Nathan makes fast-paced, tightly-edited vlogs, discussing issues that are close to him or which affect society as a whole. That may sound like nothing new, but it's all about the execution. His points are accurate and sometimes poignant, his humour is sharp and on point and he doesn't put on any kind of persona when filming, he just acts natural. This all comes to together to form videos which are likeable, funny and get you thinking.


His Videos Aren't Just Funny - They're Productive

Though Nathan always keeps his videos fun and energetic, he also manages to deal with some important issues. The gold, however, lies in the fact that he is able to talk about these issues without ever sounding preachy or ranty. A great example of this is this video where he calls out Nash Grier for being a sexist dumbass:



It's Not just His Videos That Are Interesting

Outside of his jokes and interesting discussions, Nathan is also fascinating to follow because of how honest he is about himself and his own life. He never does anything to try and make himself seem artificially cool - if anything he does the opposite - and that makes him actually cool.



When you watch his videos you genuinly learn things about him and you get the sensation that you're not just watching a list of videos, but actually watching someone develop and grow before your eyes. For example, Nathan has been very frank about his personal relationship with his own race and nationality, which has been both fascinating and inspiring to witness:



He Has A Bromance With One Of Vine's Biggest New Stars

Now look: I know you hate me for using the word 'bromance' there, hate me for using the word bromance there, but it was the only way I could sum things up in a way that would be snappy. Let that not cause us to forget that we should have left the word 'bromance' in 2010. Anyway: Nathan frequently has hilarious back-and-forth banter with Vine star Victor Pope Jr, proving that 2016 will be bringing us a lot of hilarity and quite possibly the birth of some kind of African American Online Star Super Force (or AAOSSF for short. Catchy.)



Here's Some More Third Pew Goodness, Enjoy!

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