I'm A Fat Woman And I CAN'T WAIT For Nicole Arbour's Dear Fat People 2

11 February 2016, 15:07 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Hear me out, Nicole Arbour is good for something...

Dear Nicole Arbour,

You've probably labeled me as a bitter fat person already but I'd love it for you to hear me out because I for one will be first in line to watch your supposed "Dear Fat People 2" video.

Whilst you'd be wrong about the bitter thing, you're totally right about the fat thing. Did I get this way through some illness or a low metabolism? Nope, I just ate a bunch of food in my teens and early twenties and now I'm 26 and still enjoy a huge slice of pizza on a Friday night. I know the key to losing weight is to eat less and move more. But have you ever met a pizza?!

pizza gif

Anyway, this isn't about me, really. This is about you. I'm here to celebrate something amazing you've done for fat people.

Put your party hat on, we're about to get wild.

When you tweeted about the fact Ashley Graham offended your eyes on the cover of Sports Illustrated, I did a cheer. When you then said you were turning on the camera, I couldn't have been happier. Seriously.

Now I'm sorry Nicole, avert your eyes, because I'm just going to share a few gifs of Ashley for reference.

Ashley Graham gif

Ashley Graham gif


You're probably wondering why I'm excited for this next video. No, it's not because I think it'll give me "a kick up the a*s" to work out or lose weight. It's because I can't wait for the attention you'll bring to me and my fellow fat ass journalists, YouTubers and social media lovers.

When you published Dear Fat People, I saw my Twitter timeline filled with everything from outrage to funny tweets from everyone of every race, colour, shape and size.

But it was the f*cking empowerment you gave the plus size community that made me cheer very loudly!

Try and silence us and we'll only shout louder, Nicole. Try and spout your hate and we'll only show you how much of a loving, open community we really are.

Sure, the plus size community across the globe wrote angry responses to you because that's what you wanted. But we also celebrated our achievements- our great careers, our health, our dress sense, our relationships and our looks. And trust me, that's hard to do with people like you eager to be negative for the sake of it.

Drag me down

I know the world isn't filled with roses and sparkles all the time. I know a lot of fat people have health issues. But I also know the plus size community is gorgeous, innovative, interesting and intelligent. You know, just like slim people. Weird that, huh?

Nicole, by publishing your apparent disgust at people who don't fit into standard clothing sizes means you're actually open up a conversation and debate. Rather than trying to get people to agree with your one sided argument, you're making people talk.

When you publish part two, you'll see the Twitter hashtag #PSBloggers go crazy.  You'll drive a ton of traffic to plus size blogs with people eager to read responses and you'll shine light on some of the content created by wonderful plus size women. What your next video will do will be to give sites like this one and so many others the opportunity to showcase incredible plus size women.

Don't think they exist? Here's five videos from five fat women who create fantastic YouTube content for all the right reasons.

Disgusted by this?


How about this?


This girl is AMAZING, don't you agree?


Do you dislike this woman, Nicole?

Not your style, huh?


Please, upload that video and tell us why Ashley was only picked as a token fat girl and is too lazy to lose weight like "real models". Please have your video go viral and make the search terms for "Ashley Graham" go up. Please bring her to the attention of more people. Because the more you do, the more buzz it'll create around your attention-seeking hatred to fat people (amongst other things) and the more conversations it'll make people have about beautiful, intelligent women.

I won't patronise you by asking you to use your platform to rant about the lack of black representation at the Oscars, the pay inequality between women and men and the millions suffering around the globe. Instead, I'll ask you to do you as fellow plus size women do us.

Bring it on, Nicole.

PS/ Here's a final message from Ashley

Ashley Graham