The spiciest details revealed in the new TanaCon documentary

6 November 2018, 15:09 | Updated: 6 November 2018, 15:50

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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

We watched the 90 minute official TanaCon documentary so you don't have to

An hour an a half. 90 minutes. Une heure et demie.

There are a lot of things you can do in an hour and a half: watch three episodes of a TV show, go for a really solid walk using all that walking advice you got from Zoella's new book... The possibilities are almost endless.

But that's not how we recently spent one half of three hours, dear friends. No, we felt compelled to watch the entirety of Michael Weist's new 'official' documentary about TanaCon.

The unnecessarily long doc follows the TanaCon CEO and Tana herself as they plan the doomed event - and then try to make it happen.

Here's a mega roundup of all the highlights:

- They were already in the planning stages for another event on the East Coast.

- They were predicting profits of $400,000.

- There's an awful lot of bitching about VidCon.

- Michael: "this could be a brand that lasts quite a while" - As the kids say, 'lmao'.

- They spend some time discussing whether there should be a giant inflatable bong.

- Does it count as a 'documentary' if you're just showing one long piece of unedited footage? Cos that's what I'm looking at right now.

- Tana apparently doesn't lock her front door because at one point Michael just walks in and wakes her up.

- Michael is trying to get Tana to a meeting and she literally won't get out of bed.

- To reiterate: if you want to watch full, unedited, truly tedious footage of business meetings, this is the documentary for you.

- They discuss getting creators to sign contracts to come, but decide against it as Tana is sure people will come.

- "Even if everything goes to shit and this convention blows up... Shane Dawson is still coming and supporting."

- "What is capacity? It's kind of an arbitrary number?"

- Tana: "It would be really cool to have people outside, waiting to get in."

- Tana: "People love to be oppressed outside."

- Michael: "I think we're at a good capacity."

- They paid $1500 a day for Tana to have a driver 24/7.

- TanaCon seemed to mostly consist of people screaming.

- Michael keeps saying 'the SWAT team' turned up... which doesn't seem to be true? Normal police showed up.

- There are some curious moments when people will be mid-sentence and then it will cut. Why the cuts?

- After day one, Michael says the reaction to the event is "not that bad" but notes that "some people are madder than others".

- The doc basically ends before any of the failings of the event are properly discussed.

- I can't believe I wasted so much time watching this, goddamn.

If you want to watch the full thing, here it is