Our Videos Of 2015: How Gabriella Lindley Tackled The Haters

11 December 2015, 14:59 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Read how Hollie feels VelvetGh0st rocked the YouTube community with her emotional video about Zoella, relationships and reputations.

Whilst my colleagues have all picked hilarious viral videos, I'm the sensible one (as usual) and opting for a video which I think really made an impact on the beauty/lifestyle community in the UK and had mainstream press covering it in their masses.

It's been a difficult year for Gabriella Lindley, AKA VelvetGh0st. The Instagram star turned vlogger struck up a friendship with YouTube Queen Zoe Sugg, only for it to be ripped apart. As well as her friendships being analysed by - what seemed like - everyone on social media, Gabs also had her past reputation brought up.

Gabby Lindley

Having struck a deal with Primark, Gabbie released a range of homeware but this was overshadowed by  gossip on social media sites relating to past things Gabbie has said or done regarding everything from sexuality to eating disorders and self harm.

In Honesty Gabbie took the chance to regain control.

"I feel like right now I'm kind of being portrayed in a way that isn't who I am" stated Gabbie. Through the video things got more and more emotional as she addressed relationship rumours between herself and fellow YouTuber Hobbie Stuart and explained exactly why he relationship with Zoe had suffered.

zoella and gabby

"We were so close at one point... It got to the point where people started to say I was using her... I never asked to be in a video" Gabbie said about her friendship to Zoe. And then things got very emotional.

The main reason this video is my video of the year is because it opened up a discussion about online identity, digital footprints and the incredibly fast rise to fame many YouTubers face. These stars are humans- what you say online affects a real person in real life.

Gabby lindley

If we continue to see YouTubers open up and not feel the need to portray their lives as sparkly and glossy then we'll see a better- more relaxed- community unfold.


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