PewDiePie vs YouTube Comments: Has Felix Finally Snapped?

19 February 2016, 16:37 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Felix' battle for his channel continues.

We're all huge PewDiePie fans here at We The Unicorns. We've written about him extensively over the lifespan of our lovely website, but one reoccurring thing keeps happening and we can't ignore it anymore - we think Felix has officially had it with YouTube comments. In fact, he may just be over the whole website entirely.

In the news recently, we covered Pewds and his recent "parody" of all the comments he receives on his YouTube videos. Whilst the video was funny beyond compare, we believed there was a scary amount of truth behind Felix' words that we couldn't ignore. As we've seen in the past, he's no stranger to switching off the comments on his videos to prevent trolls attacking not just himself, but his fans too.

In a world following this video, it became clear that we were entering PewDiePie 2.0 - a world in which Felix was happy to break the fourth wall of YouTube and openly discuss the cr*p he receives on a daily basis purely for uploading videos. He's discussed his depression after creating up to three videos a day to compensate his travels in LA last year, and he even went so far to talk about everyone's obsession with his income.

Whilst we were still chewing on the 'real talk' Felix delivered in his 'Hate Comments' videos, we were smacked in the face with his next YouTube rant, one that further solidified the arrival of a brand new PewDiePie. And this one gave absolutely zero concerns about what you thought of his channel anymore. The video, called 'Catering To Your Audience', is a raw video that spotlights Felix as a content creator at the end of his tether - all he wanted to do was play video games for YouTube, but because of some pre-conceived notion that he "must only play horror games", he was stuck in a rut and wanted to get out.

Over the last few years, PewDiePie's channel shot to fame following a string of hilarious reaction videos to Felix screaming his little heart out at horror games such as Amnesia and Slender. But when it came to games like Five Nights At Freddy's, Pewds was significantly less jumpy and was called out by his fans as being 'fake' and 'editing away his jumps' to seem more impressive. In response, PewDiePie had to actually make a statement saying that he simply did not find the Freddy games scary or entertaining in any way, shape or form, and that he did not want to play them anymore.

In this new video from Felix, he states from the off that it was a "hard video to make as [he was] already kinda upset". Over the course of the 6 minute video, with perhaps one of his strangest thumbnails to date, Pewds discusses how it's just not fun anymore to wake up in the morning and play a specific genre of video game just so he doesn't alienate or ignore a significant portion of his Bros. By making only one type of video, who is in the wrong here - Felix for not 'catering to his audience', or his audience for demanding too damn much from just one man and one channel? We know we have our answer.


Sadly, it seems like PDP is going through a really tough transitional stage with his channel, not being able to decide if it's easier to cater to a specific subsection of his audience to keep them engaged or actually play the video games that he wants to and not really care what anyone else thinks. In the last few weeks, it seems that Felix has been testing out the latter as his videos have felt more genuine and enjoyable, seeing a less jokey and edited PDP in place of someone who oozes charisma, comedy and charm.

As Felix says, "life is too short to be spent doing something you don't really want to do... it makes me demotivated to do what I do and it's very disappointing". And whilst this is just one creator struggling with one channel, it's certainly food for thought as to whether this internal debate is happening to other large creators across the entirety of YouTube. Does Zoella like doing make-up tutorials anymore? Can Hannah Hart even be bothered to cook again? And most important, will Sam Pepper ever just stop pranking people? Only time will tell.

Hopefully the future of PewDiePie's channel will help a lot of creators come to terms with their own struggles when it comes to creating content for an increasing more demanding and focused audience. But with copyright strikes and drama llama's hidden around every single corner of YouTube, is it worth the risk to try out something new when a new creator can just come from no where and do you better?

What do you think about PewDiePie's predicament? Should he continue to play horror games because that's what made him famous, or is he allowed to test out new games for the channel that he prefers to play?