The Phandom’s Support Made Dan And Phil’s Single Reach Some INCREDIBLE Milestones

14 October 2016, 12:02 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

The Phandom has taken music charts worldwide by STORM! You won't be able to comprehend how successful this song has been

'The Internet Is Here' - Dan and Phil's charity single that has been released to raise money for Stand Up For Cancer, has been making some huge waves in the music world. Though the single was only just released, it has already taken iTunes charts around the world by storm. Just take a look at these incredible chart placements:

The song peaked at number 6 on the GLOBAL chart

The song is sat at number 12 (at the time of writing) but it previously peaked at number 6. The is charting higher than hits from Ariana Grande, John Legend and tons of other massive artists! As you can see from the chart, the song has also reached 4 in Australia, number 4 in New Zealand and number 7 in the US.  Now Denmark on the other hand...


It is number one in Denmark!

Wow, people in Denmark really  like Dan and Phil. When they do another international tour I think we all know which country they should head to first!


While In The UK It Is Currently At Number 3

Meanwhile in their home country the song climbed the charts like a hungry koala that's just spotted a eucalyptus tree in a desert. If the song can maintain a position high in the charts, that means it is basically guaranteed to be played on UK radio stations as they count down the charts! Keep a radio nearby this weekend, folks!




And just take a look at all the huge songs that have been left in the dust by this song! It's an incredible achievement and we couldn't be more proud! For more TATINOF-related goodness, why not check out our breakdown of the 7 Most Heart-Stopping Moments In The TATINOF Music Video.