Where Are All The British Plus-Size YouTubers?

5 August 2015, 14:18 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

plus size british youtubers

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Being a plus-size British woman who also runs a YouTube channel is actually pretty rare. When we flick through our fashion and beauty subscriptions on YouTube, we see a lot of slim body shapes that fit the ideal and that's not OK. Considering Internet stars like Callie Thorpe and George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust have hit the mainstream thanks to their sass and style, we're yet to see this really emulated on YouTube.

Diversity in the vlogging community is something we'll be talking a lot more about in the future and we really wanted this article to be able to showcase the top 10 British plus-size vloggers out there but, in truth, we were stumped.

If you're able to walk into most stores and find something that fits then that's great, we've all watched endless Topshop and Primark hauls. But where do Brit girls go online when they want to watch a Scarlett and Jo or ASOS Curve haul?

If you're in the US, you're spoilt for choice both with plus-size clothing stores and YouTubers. We love Sarah Rae Vargas, VintageOrTacky and LearningToBeFearless to name a few. We'd love to see Brits whip out their lighting and vlog the eff outta their sassy style.

The British space isn't entirely empty and there are some brilliant British plus-size vloggers doing awesome things. Here's four of our favourites:

It's Em

Part of the StyleHaul gang, Emma's channel is the perfect mix of vlogs and plus-size style inspiration. Often teaming up with fellow YouTuber MsBudgetBeauty, their Style At Any Size series is a must-watch.



We had to mention Louise Pentland in this article. With 2 million subscribers, Louise is easily the most successful British plus-size YouTuber and her channel often features plus-size hauls and lookbooks, as well as regular chats about body image.



Another well known name in the vlogging community is Gracie of UglyFaceOfBeauty. Packed with sass and confidence, Gracie's channel is empowering to say the least. With nearly 200,000 subscribers, Gracie is making an incredible impact in terms of diversity in the vlogging community.



An absolute YouTube newbie, Helena has only made a few videos but we know talent when we spot it. We love Helena's quirky look and hope to see more from her in the coming months. If you can't wait for her next video, her plus-size blog is well worth checking out.


So this is a callout for all British plus-size YouTubers to make yourselves known and for plus-size females to let us know what they'd want to see more of online. Because if Unicorns can't change the world, who can?