Pokémon Is EVERYWHERE - Everything You Missed In YouTube This Week

15 July 2016, 18:54 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Pokémon, dead plants and herpes are just a few of the things that make up our pick of the best videos in this week's YouTube!

'Pokémon GO' is finally out almost everywhere, and we've been so obsessed with it at We The Unicorns HQ that we're barely getting any work done (which is fine, since you're so obsessed with it that you haven't had any time to read our stuff).

So now seems like as good a time as any to see some of the ways in which our favourite creators have been jumping on the PokéGO bandwagon, with some awesome video ideas. But don't worry: If Pokémon ain't your thing, we've still got a bunch of great videos to tide you over the weekend. Enjoy!

Andrew Huang - Epic Pokémon Sounds Remix

Every Pokémon has its own "cry" - but did you know they were made up of some super-remixable components? Our favourite music whiz Andrew Huang figured it out, and threw together this completely lit remix of some choice monster noises!


Emma Blackery - Pokémon GO In Real Life

Don't lie: You're on the hype train for this app. We all are. But maybe, just maybe, we need to be brought back to reality a little bit? Well you can always depend on Emma Blackery for that exact thing, in a brilliant short sketch of her hunt for Pikachu!


Estée Lalonde - Grandma Reacts To My Book Cover!

We've been excited about Estée's upcoming book 'Bloom' for a while now; and now that the cover has been revealed, it almost feels like it's here! Of course we weren't the first ones to see it; Estée revealed it to her mum and grandma in her daily vlog this week - and their reactions are priceless!


AmazingPhil - I Killed My Houseplant

It's been a good long while since Phil vlogged, hasn't it? Luckily he's back from the USA, fresh as a jetlagged daisy - and his plants are dead. Tragic.


Lilly Singh ft. Teala & Eva - How Your Friends React When You Have A Date

Rule number something of dating: Don't tell your friends you met a boy. Ever. That is, unless, you want them to act exactly like the pals do in this hilarious new sketch from Lilly and her friends, Teala and Eva!


Savannah Brown - Talking Intersectionality

Social justice is a tricky world to walk in as a person with privilege, because there are often facets of feminism and equal rights that will feel like a different experience to some people - the discussion of race, class, trans rights, and many others fall under the term "intersectionality". Still confused? Let Sav break it down for you.


Laci Green - The Truth About Herpes!

Time for some good old-fashioned sex education from Laci! Herpes is weird. Let's talk about it! Laci gives you the breakdown on this frighteningly common but uncommonly frightening STI.