8 Problems Only Lets Play Fans Will Understand

15 March 2016, 17:18 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

How could our favourite thing be so DARN annoying?!

Hands up if you're addicted to YouTube. Hands up higher if you're added to YouTube GAMERS. Oh yeah, I'm guilty of that one too. Big time. However, with great video watching comes awful problems pretty much all of us can relate to. No matter if you're jealous of Seananners' ub3r l33t h4x sk1lz or PewDiePie's ability to completely mess up every puzzle game he touches, there are some big time problems when it comes to enjoying Let's Play videos.

So lets find out together - do you suffer with any of these eight Let's Play problems?!


1 - Unfortunately, YouTuber's can't hear you.

Lets Play

Yes, we're sorry to break it to you but your computer/phone is most definitely one sided. No matter how much you scream your love (or hatred) towards YouTubers, they will 100% not hear you. This makes it even more painful when gamers cannot find the answer, puzzle, direction or general point of what they're trying to do, thus leaving you in a terrible state of silent rage. Surely the only way to fix this would be if YouTube gamers were just, better?


2 - Episode 93 of Happy Wheels.

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If you're still enjoying watching episode 93 of ANY video game series, then I salute you because I've checked out loooong before episode 30. Sometimes it's important for YouTubers to know when TF to move on and play something else. It's totally understandable that views mean a big thing to channels and their career, but honestly, if we have to watch another freaking video about a man trying to survive a night versus animatronic creatures, then I may just have to hit something. IRL.


3 - Unavoidable spoilers.

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You don't quite have the money in your bank account, but you know with absolute certainty that when Mass Effect Andromeda comes out later on this year (December!!), you're going to buy it. But oh wait, PewDiePie just started playing it and as your favourite YouTuber, you NEED to see what he has to say about it. You click the first video, and 5 minutes in you've just reached a crazy spoiler that you wish with your entire soul you could unsee. Damn you YouTube, how can we be so addicted and so annoyed with you at the same time?!


4 - Boobs in the thumbnail.

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Look ladies and gentlemen, we all know you're beautiful and otherworldly and yes, nine times out of 10 I do desperately wish I looked like you, but we don't need to see it in the thumbnail if I'm here to watch a GTA video. I don't care if your chest looks great today, just play World of Warcraft and get the hell on with the show. We didn't come here for boobs, we came for the 40-man raids and Tier 16 armour sets.


5 - Massive gap between series uploads.

Lets Play

So Game Grumps are well known for their iconic Sonic '06 playthrough, with every single episode being absolute comedy and YouTube gold. So how would you feel if, like JonTron's channel RN, the upload times between your favourite show on Earth was literally MONTHS?! It would cause you pain greater than anything else you've ever experienced. Like, we understand you're super busy, but give the people what they want!


6 - YouTubers suck at puzzle games.

Lets Play

Okay, so not all of them, but seemingly whenever somebody on YouTube plays a puzzle game like The Stanley Parable or more recently SuperHOT, all viewers become experts and can immediately see what they need to do. This goes hand-in-hand with the fact YouTubers can't hear us screaming at them. COME ON JACK. THE REASON YOU CAN'T BUILD THERE IS BECAUSE YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 3 FLOORS IN THE SIMS 4. COME ON.


7 - Games cost too much money.

Lets Play

A problem on the Internet and real life. With PewDiePie releasing new videos every single day, we can't keep up with our wishlist! Especially with Steam Sales happening only in brand new seasons, it's virtually impossible to play every single game nowadays. So screw the spoilers, maybe the future will just be watching Let's Play videos and letting your consoles gather dust and rust in the corner?


8 - YouTubers are way better than you at FPS games.

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This is just a sad fact we all need to accept. People like Seananners and SSSniperWolf are just innately better than us at video games like Call of Duty and Battlefield - that's why they're so famous! But thank god YouTube exists, because nothing is more empowering and impressive than watching someone shoot 25 people without dying and then destroying Nuketown with a (ehehe) tactical nuke. HECK YEAH EXPLOSIONS.


Can you think of anymore Let's Play problems? Let us know in the comments below and get angry with us!