12 Pure YouTubers That Will Inspire Your Positive Soul 

5 September 2017, 15:00 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

12 Pure YouTubers That Will Inspire Your Positive

By Benedict Townsend

Let the positive sweetness of these 12 YouTubers soothe your soul

The world can sometimes be a stressful place, but there will always be positive figures you can look to for inspiration. We've collected 12 YouTubers that exemplify what it means to be a pure and pleasant human. You may see some familiar faces, but hopefully you'll also find some new names to rank up your sub box.

1. Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is the textbook definition of a positive YouTube. In fact, if you look up 'pure, positive YouTuber' in the dictionary you will see a biiiig ol' picture of Thomas. Thomas dedicates his videos not just to making his audience laugh, but also to helping viewers become more thoughtful, introspective and open-minded people. Delightful:

2. Lilly Singh

Lilly has proven that you can be a positive force while still being a bawse. Lilly encourages her viewers to live their best life, while also having a positive and open-minded approach to others. She also uses comedy to playfully (but effectively) address serious topics like racism, sexism and inequality.

3. Miles McKenna

Miles McKenna is one of the most prominent trans YouTubers and he uses his videos to discuss the topic, but also to be a generally positive and inspirational ball of energy. It helps that Miles is also very funny:

4. Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a YouTube veteran and has always demonstrated a trademark honesty throughout his entire career. He has been open with his audience about almost all aspects of his life - some good, some dark. Regardless of how difficult it may be for him, he has always demonstrated the value of self-reflection and honesty.


5. Tyler Oakley

Tyler actively uses his platform to discuss social issues and to elevate inspirational figures he feels his audience ought to know about. He does not rest on his laurels, but views his fame as a means to an end - the end being the improvement of society. Sure, he has done plenty of silly videos that are just for fun, but it's hard to ignore the core beliefs that run through everything he does. It's sweetness and purity through empathy.

6. Hannah Hart

From her hilarious drunk cooking antics to her adorable generally awkwardness, Hannah is exactly the kind of pure soul that is needed to brighten up any video feed. If you haven't yet delved into the world of Harto, this is your time to start, friend:

7. Phil Lester

More pure than a cinnamon roll wrapped in a slightly larger cinnamon roll, Phil Lester is the patron saint of pure YouTubers. Just look at this good, wholesome content:

8. VlogBrothers

The VlogBrothers are like the dads of YouTube, providing sage advice for all who may be around to hear it. These guys are smart, their kind and they're excellent role models. Check 'em out:


9. Ash Hardell

Ash is known for her super-inclusive sex education, covering all manner of sexual orientations and preferences. She also makes some undeniably sweet videos with her wife which will give you major relationship FOMO. A pure YouTuber if there ever was one.

10. Daniel Howell

Much like a chocolate covered peanut, Dan shrouds his savoury message in a sweet coating of darkness. Dan hides behind a raw self-depreciation. Dan even has an online support group that provides humorous, but actually pretty useful advice:

11. Nathan Zed

Nathan is one of the funniest and most creative young creators on the platform. He is just as capable of producing a scolding put-down as he is an inspiring speech, but happily Nathan uses his powers for good: promoting positivity in his audience. Nathan's message is clear, above it all: despite everything, and whatever you may hear: you are a good enough:

12. Dodie

What list of pure YouTubers could not include young Dorothy Clark? Dodie's kind nature and thoughtful music have made her one of YouTube's brightest rising stars. Speaking anecdotally, we once saw her at a YouTube convention meeting with fans and every single one of them was coming up to her, opening up to her and then bursting into tears. Dodie was listening and crying along with all them - it was a sight to see.

However, that doesn't mean she isn't capable of being a diva sometimes:

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