Quantity Over Quality: How Would YOU React If Your Fave Vlogger Stopped Daily Uploads

24 June 2016, 14:32 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

High production value or a chatty sit down video- everyone has an opinion.

The debate between quantity over quality has divided both the viewers and YouTubers. Some vloggers such as PewDiePie, Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler pride themselves in daily uploads and being able to connect with and entertain fans as often as possible. Other YouTubers such as Jack Howard and I CovetThee choose to carefully curate their channel and upload less frequently but have dedicated more time to creating a video they as passionate about.

This has resulted in some snobbery circulating the community as YouTubers trying to brand themselves as 'film makers' don't want to be referred to as a vlogger. Socially, there is an obvious divide between daily vloggers, beauty YouTubers and the film makers.

Beauty YouTuber Alix from I Covet Thee recently discussed her difficulty on finding the right balance between regular uploads but also producing content to the highest quality possible. In her video, Alix admits to being a perfectionist - blaming this for her slightly inconsistent uploads - promising to try becoming less precious of her content. She says she wants to use that preening time to upload more footage, and engage with her audience as often a possible.

Thanks to Twitter Polls, YouTubers can now ask their fans what type of videos they prefer. They've been asking whether they should throw away their tripods and upload chatty handheld videos, or whether long, rambling vids are better than short, snappy edited ones. Some have asked if production values really matter too. Back in the day it was all webcams and no lighting, creating an authentic, relatable video and feeling like you'd been invited into a private little conversation. Now, many YouTube videos resemble mini TV Shows. As amazing as these videos are, viewers still seem to favour the vlog format and the kind of chatty video content that comes with it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 09.22.51

This is one of the reasons many YouTubers choose to have multiple channels. Marcus Butler uploads challenges, vlogs and mini series's such as Reading Fanfic and Guess The Childhood Tv Show on his second channel More Marcus. Marcus then can dedicate his main channel to uploading sketches and collabs with fellow YouTubers. This has created a balance and separation between his varied style of content and doesn't alienate any of his audience.

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Sometimes, less is more. This combined with channel-splitting gives YouTube fans a choice on whether they want a more curated subscription box. You may be a fan of a certain vlogger but not want to watch them every single day. Dividing channels in this way keeps both hardcore fans and the more casual viewers happy.

This year, Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter announced she was getting worried about being left behind, resolving to step up her editing and production values. But from her Twitter polls, it's clear she's best loved for her at-home-mummy vlogs, chatty videos and her personality. Louise suits this format - her humour and positivity shines through, and shouldn't be attacked with an editing process.

Luxury fashion YouTuber, IntheFrow, is all about curating an image and aesthetic. Every lookbook needs to emulate a style and aspiration that wouldn't look out of place in a fashion magazine. Hazel Hayes also goes for less is more - you can't really follow up a chat with Stephen Fry with something casual.

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PewDiePie has obviously proven that you can do both, but it sure isn't easy. How would you react if you found out your fave YouTuber was going to upload less but up their production value, would you be happy or disappointed with the change? We can just imagine the breakdown that would happen on Twitter if Alfie quit daily vlogging for good and replaced them with once a month artsy montages. We are sure they would be beautiful but everyone would miss the daily dose of the top vlogger. The same applies to the likes of Jack Howard if he decided to stop making short films and chose to vlog instead, his fans would be devastated.

Let us know which one you would choose, daily uploads or a once a week video.