We Ranked Your Favourite YouTubers From Good... To Completely Evil

6 October 2016, 16:15 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We're so ready for this...

Oh yeah, we're gonna have some fun today. You see, we watch a lot of YouTube and make notes on the way creators interact and present themselves to their general audience. This, we think, means we have a pretty good understanding of who's up to what and for what reason - so we decided to couple this knowledge with our thirst for organising things to figure out which YouTubers are "Good", and which ones are "Evil".

First, a little bit of background information - I'm in love with Dungeons & Dragons. When you create a character in the game, you can place them on a morality scale (otherwise known as an Alignment System) to determine their approach to gameplay. Therefore, using my knowledge of this system, I have devised an Alignment System for YouTubers purely for the fun of it. You can see the pure salt of it below:


Here's a breakdown of what they all mean thanks to the good folks over at TVTropes, and we're SUPER keen to hear if you agree with our choices...

  • LAWFUL GOOD - A belief that the law is good and you can only be good by upholding the law. Very honourable and compassionate, with a realistic perspective on the world.


  • NEUTRAL GOOD - Full of sweetness and light. To them, doing good is more important than upholding the law. They're "basically a nice person".


  • CHAOTIC GOOD - These are rebels and free spirits. They believe in order and discipline, but often dare laws to get in their way. They have a good heart and a free spirit.


  • LAWFUL NEUTRAL - Law and order is THE most important thing, no matter about whether it makes them the good guy or bad guy.


  • TRUE NEUTRAL - They're fond of keeping the balance but "just don't care" in general. They're very logical and act naturally in most situations without prejudice or compulsion.


  • CHAOTIC NEUTRAL - These are the ultimate free spirits. They focus on freedom and less on morality, meaning that they're generally good people who have a wild streak that leads them into bad things.


  • LAWFUL EVIL - These people evil ordered, scarily successful levels of evil, as a well-ordered system is easier to exploit. They enjoy what they do and are often referred to as the lesser of three evils.


  • NEUTRAL EVIL - Primarily in things for themselves. They will choose sides according on what is best for them later on down the line. Dubbed as "sociopaths" or "double-dealing, backstabbing, and gleefully evil".


  • CHAOTIC EVIL - This is the true definition of a evil free spirit. They will do what they want regardless of hurting people or whatever rules there should be. They take pleasure in going out of their way to hurt people and break the law. Often profit hungry, narcissistic and egotistical.


If you believe any other YouTubers should be featured on the list or being good or evil, let us know in the comments below!