Here's What It Would Look Like If The Riverdale Characters Had YouTube Channels

2 October 2017, 15:11 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

If Riverdale characters had YouTube

By Benedict Townsend

Would Jughead do the cinnamon challenge? Would Betty start planking? Here's what it would look like if the Riverdale gang had YouTube channels

Riverdale is one of the biggest shows 0n TV, with some pretty eye-catching individualistic characters. but what if those characters were YouTubers? What kind of videos would they make? We reckon we have an idea and we've mocked up some example for you, right here:

Jughead Jones

riverdale youtube

Archie Andrews

riverdale youtube


riverdale youtube


riverdale youtube


riverdale youtube


riverdale youtube

Incredible stuff - and what are the odds that all of those videos would have the exact same amount of views, likes and subscribers? Funny how things shake out.

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