7 Sabrina The Teenage Witch Clips Because You're Older Than You Think

27 October 2016, 15:25 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Salem for President!

Shockingly, Sabrina The Teenage Witch is over 20 years old as a show and yet still remains an absolute cult classic. From the Artchie comics cartooon (remember that?) to sassy Salem and handsome Harvey, there's not a single thing we don't miss from the show and we may well start a petition for Melissa Joan Hart to film another billion series.

sabrina the teenage witch

In the mean time, we've been spending our lunch breaks and evenings watching some classic clips from the show on YouTube. Here, we've picked some of the best to give you all the nostaglic feels.


Britney Spears in Sabrina The Teenage Witch

In the most 90s/00s thing ever, Sabrina was joined in an episode by the one and only Britney Spears. Those of you who are old enough may remember Melissa Joan Hart then appearing in the video for Crazy.


Salem The Mafia Boss

This video is 10 seconds of comedy gold. That is all.


Muscle Growth Magic

Whether you're a gym bunny or a couch potato, we all wish we could just click our fingers and magically be fitter. In this episode Sabrina clicks her magic fingers and is suddenly a weight lifting champion. Why not?!


Sabrina and Libby Swap Personalities

Sabrina and Libby are basically opposites- one is kind and would do anything for anyone and the other, well, she rules the roost. This clip shows Sabrina taking on Libby's personality with pretty scary effects!


RuPaul Episode

We want a makeover done by RuPaul. Thanks.


Sabrina Gets Dellirous

We've all been there where we've pulled an all-nighter studying and then absolutely cracked up. If you've ever laughed for no reason, this clip is for you.


Shake Your Whammy Fanny, Funky Song, Funky Song

Who doesn't want to dress in leopard print and leather and make a music video featuring scary clowns?


The Best of Salem

We'd be lying if we said Salem wasn't our favourite part of the entire Sabrinaverse. We've spent many an hour watching Salem clips and this video will provide you with nearly 15 minutes of his catty tongue. Enjoy!


What are your favourite nostalgic shows? Let us know in the comments below.