Why Sam Pepper's Apology Means NOTHING For The Women He Allegedly Put Through Hell

25 February 2016, 11:38 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Pepper has returned to apologise to the internet… But for all the wrong things.

This week Sam Pepper dramatically quit the Internet, with thousands breathing a sigh of relief. But, as predicted, he didn't stay silent for long.

Last night Pepper uploaded a video called "I'm sorry" but failed to acknowledge anything other than his own self importance. Apologising for his prank videos- of which he claims were all entirely fake- Pepper fails to acknowledge the real reason he should be sorry and grovelling to the general public.

Dear Sam Pepper,

When I saw you'd "given up", made the huge leap to delete all your YouTube "content" and made hundreds of thousands of people happy in the process, I didn't actually feel that much. In all honesty, I felt annoyed that you hadn't done it sooner.

When the world called for you to disappear around the time of your murder prank video, I thought it might have been the push you needed to finally give some peace to the thousands of women-  including myself- who you have annoyed and disrespected over the years.

From the first time you made a woman uncomfortable to when you thought it would be a good idea to upload videos of you forcing your tongue down women's throats, you crossed a line. How your channel has continued to grow, I'm not entirely sure. Because once you make a woman feel like she's been manipulated and don't apologise, you should no longer be looked upon as someone to follow and fan over. Once you made a woman feel like she was a piece of meat for your sexual pleasure and didn't see any harm in it, you showed your true colours and went from being a prankster to a human being with no moral boundaries.

Stepping away from YouTube now means nothing. Why now? Have you made enough money? Got bored of it? Or have you found someone to back a project of yours and you're about to release a range of skateboards or beanie hats and you just need a bit of publicity? Because I know for a fact you haven't quit because you're sorry for your actions. If that was the case, you'd have held your hands up and gone away the second one of those accusations came out.

Sam Pepper quits

And sure, they're accusations. We must take that into account. But the women who bravely and boldly put their stories online? They exist. Those women exist.

These are the woman you should have quit the Internet for. For these women, their mothers and fathers who had to comprehend what their child had faced, for the friends of these women who have nursed their tears, for the medical professionals who have had to help mend physical and mental scars and for the fans of these women who had to see their heroes go through emotional pain.

Wasn't this video the time to quit? As previously mentioned, the rape and sexual assault allegations were allegations and you were never charged. But how did you feel seeing these things come to light? Wasn't the right time to take stock and move on? The sad thing is, you could probably have come back and had a career of sorts.

When your friends- Louis Cole, Zoe Sugg, Marcus Butler- dropped you quicker than a hot iron plate, didn't that teach you anything? Did you really value controversy and attention over friendship? Did you really value publicity over the pain these women were suffering? I've always believed you should apologise for how you were perceived. You never once did that. If I send an e-mail at work and it upset a colleague because he/she had perceived me to be aggressive or angry in it, I'd apologise face to face whether I had meant to be aggressive or not. The way others perceive your attitude and behaviour all stems from your actions. Surely you should have quit the Internet when your actions were percieved to be emotionally and physically abusive?

Sam Pepper quits

Whilst I accept you were never charged and had a right to move on with your life, why did you go down a path fuelled by sexual desire? Why did you honestly think it was OK to basically touch women in an inappropriate way having faced sexual assault charges?

Sam Pepper quits

This is when you should have quit. After the allegations and after this offensive video. You should have respected the females you caused emotional damage to and all the men and women across the world you offended with your behaviour.

By quitting the Internet now, you're once again doing it for selfish reasons.

The women you've apparently sexually assaulted have had to see your face all over the Internet and in the press for years after you harmed them. In a normal work environment, I wouldn't be expected to work with a man I'd accused of sexually assaulting me- one of us would leave. But because YouTube is such an open industry where everyone is connected, you're forced to see the same faces- either through RTs, a suggestion in your subs box or at events.

Echoing the situation with Kesha right now, having you on YouTube and using social media to rake in more views means the women you've emotionally damaged continue to face pain every single day thanks to your insistence on making videos.

Did your bad reputation not eat up at you? Or was it all a joke? Did your experiences with women and girls that led to the accusations not keep you awake at night? Sam, you've made these women live through hell because you were too selfish to get out of the public eye. Was it money? Attention? I'm guessing both.

If you had an ounce of respect for anyone but yourself, you'd have quit a long time ago.

You'd have quit for Dottie.

You'd have quit for the Venice Beach girls.

You'd have quit for Sam Golbach.

Whatever the reasons for your apparent quitting now, I hope it's because you've suddenly found some morals. But I highly, highly doubt it.