4 Videos To Help You Conquer Seasonal Affective Disorder

19 October 2015, 14:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We got your back.

If you're one of thousands of people who suffer from SAD each year (that's Seasonal Affective Disorder), you'll know how tough it is once Autumn hits. Whilst everyone else gets excited at the thought of pumpkin spice lattes and dressing up for Halloween, you're already dreading the clocks going back and getting dressed in the dark.

Typically identified as low mood, lacking in energy, feelings of displeasure and a craving of carbs/weight gain, it's most prevalent in the autumn and winter and will subside during spring and summer.

If you suffer from SAD, know someone who does or just want to find out more, we've compiled a round-up of some of the most useful and informative Seasonal Affective Disorder videos on YouTube.

An introduction to SAD

If you want to know about why Seasonal Affective Disorder happens and what it's doing to your body, take three minutes out to watch this video by the Royal Institution. Whilst there's genuinely better advice than moving to the world's sunniest place, this video is packed with the science behind the SAD.


How a fully raw diet can help SAD

Victoria has been eating a completely raw diet for two years and, as she explains in this video, one of her main reasons for doing so was because she suffered from seasonal depression. Whilst an extreme diet like this won't be for everyone, Victoria goes into detail about other things which can help and how diet really improved things for her.


Coping techniques

Kristen's video is a God-send for anyone suffering with SAD. If you don't know how to cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder or want to help someone who has it, this video is packed with top tips and Kristen presents in a really friendly, approachable way.


If you just want to watch someone who gets you 

From what SAD is to how to beat it to, basically, how much it sucks, Sarah talks about her experiences here.