Six Fresh YouTubers To Subscribe To Right Now

28 June 2007, 16:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:10

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

There's a new crowd in town.

Everybody loves a big-name YouTuber. But sometimes it feels good to inject a few fresh faces into the usual mix, right?

Most people you ask would jump at the chance to find a new YouTuber to fall in love with, but with hundreds of thousands of creators all bidding for your attention, sometimes it's easier to stick with the familiar. The sheer volume of choice can be a bit overwhelming.

Well we're here to help

We've scoured the internet to bring you six fresh creators who you need to follow right now.  "What determines who's fresh and who's not?" I hear you cry. Well that's simple. To be considered fresh, a creator must:

  • Have fewer than 100,000 subscribers
  • Not be regularly featured in the press or media

Ready? Let's dive in.

1. Ibz Mo



Ibz Mo blasted onto YouTube just under a year ago, spilling the tea on life at one of the world's best universities, Cambridge. But you don't have to be a total brainiac to vibe with this channel. Ibz's hilarious videos dish advice on everything from surviving lectures to dealing with stress, as well as personal vlogging that can be sidesplittingly hilarious or in the case of his "Education Saved My Life" video, really quite emotional. You'll feel like part of Ibz's gang from the first time you watch. And that's the mark of a great YouTuber.

Subscribe to Ibz Mo here.

2. NaturallyTiss


NaturallyTiss serves you adorable makeup looks that, unlike a lot of beauty YouTube beauty tutorials out there, don't require millions of years of practice or hundreds of pounds' worth of products. Whether you want to find out which afro hair-care products to try, or learn a super quick makeup look for LGBTQ+ pride, NaturallyTiss has got you covered.

Subscribe to NaturallyTiss here.

3. Musa Adnan



Musa Adnan's got a wise head on young shoulders. He's gained a small but loyal following thanks to his personal vlogs about everyday life, Q&As; and advice sessions. Being a British Muslim, his perspective on the world is one that doesn't always get represented as much as it should on YouTube. But as any fans of his will tell you, even at the tender age of 21, Musa is a man worth listening to - whether you're trying to live your best life as a Muslim, or just looking for a new way of seeing things.

Subscribe to Musa Adnan here.

4. Lucy Wood


Lucy's a 25 year old Londoner who loves gin, Harry Potter, beauty and pets that don't belong to her. Particular highlights from her channel include "Mega Drunk Advice," "100 Layers Of Life Crisis," and "Too Poor To Haul." Need a new online bestie? Lucy's your girl.

Subscribe to Lucy Wood here.

5. AmarieCassidy


Amarie puts her entertaining spin on all things music and lifestyle, from the latest Drake album to advice on "How Not To Be Basic". She's refreshingly honest (Confessions Of A Uni Drop Out) and super inspirational (How Not To Die), and has an air of BAWSE that Lilly Singh would be proud of.

Subscribe to AmarieCassidy here.

6. GoldVision

GoldVision covers a whole range of game play-throughs, but his funniest is "Grand Theft Auto Pacifist," which takes you through a game most known for promoting ridiculous levels of violence without the ridiculous levels of violence. Get into his retro gaming livestreams, and hilarious satirical Destiny tips and tricks too. "By far the most underrated game channel on Youtube," according to one commenter. "Witty, sharp and addictive," according to us.

Subscribe to GoldVision here.

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