8 Genius Vine Comedians That Are Killing The Game

11 December 2015, 14:35 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

These Viners combine funny and smart to make magic

When it comes to comedy on Vine, it pretty much goes like this:




Luckily for you, Angela, we have trawled through the millions of boring and strangely racist comedy videos on Vine in order to bring you a selection of some of the most satisfyingly hilarious comedians out there. These guys are killing the game in just six seconds, check 'em out:


1. Josh Kennedy Is A Born Comedian

We are so jealous of this dude's brain it physically hurts.



2. Victor Pope Jr. Might The Most Imaginative Human On The Planet

Victor easily takes the award for most inventive sketch ideas on all of vine.        


3. Mackenzie Beckett Is The Kind Of Person You Want To Be BFFs With

It would sure make life interesting:



4. Cody Ko

Cody is usually great for a clever punchline or piece of fierceless social commentary, but I've included this vine just because of how damn hypnotic it is:  



5. The Only Thing Miel Needs To Change Is Her Sponsors

We love it when people parody bad sponsored content.  


6. Cole Herch is hilarious / adorable

Bless that voice


7. Brendon McNerney Is A Great Acto

One of the rare cases of an actually-good female voice.





8. Gabiriel Gundacker Might Be Our Favourite Of All

Dude has never made a bad vine, so we've included three:    



and what may be the vine of the decade: