Here Are Some Of South Africa's Best YouTubers To Expand Your YouTube Horizons

10 January 2017, 17:35 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Modupe Modupe Oloruntoba

Expand your horizons and take a look at these awesome South African channels

Modupe Oloruntoba, a journalist based in South Africa, has kindly agreed to write a four-part series for Unicorns about the best YouTubers that Africa has to offer. We start with South Africa.

It’s January so you’re probably too broke to travel, but who needs flight fare when you have bandwidth? I’ve recently gone a little nuts about YouTube, and it might have something to do with the fact that there are now really good YouTubers everywhere I look, right at home! I’ll be introducing you to some of them (and more from across the continent) over the next couple of weeks, so sit back, relax, and get ready to hit subscribe like, a hundred times. We’ll start with someone who might be familiar to any gaming fans out there:


Grant Hinds

Grant is a solid fave for his fun videos, awesome game walkthroughs, and his amazing pink hair.

When YouTube in Sub Saharan Africa recently got its very own award ceremony, Grant was asked to host - and he killed it, obviously. Watch his channel for expert video game content and a crazy bunch of friends (including the completely looney Caspar Lee and Thatcher Joe). Click here to visit their channel


Suzelle DIY

Repping for the ladies, Julia Anastasopoulos wants you to “D-I-Why? Because anybody can.”

Her hilarious how-to videos hosted by her character Suzelle (and Suzelle’s adorable friend Marianne) became a smash hit in May 2014 after her “Braai Pie” video blew up. Her kooky antics have seen her compared to Miranda Sings, but I think she’s more like a crafty Jenna Marbles. She was even a mentor on #BreakTheNet, South Africa’s first digital reality show for Youtubers, and before that she wrote a home DIY book. Amazing that she and her partner Ari came up with the idea just for something to do! Click here to visit their channel.


Mark Fitzgibbon

Radio presenter and YouTuber Mark Fitzgibbon will keep you in stitches - hilarious conversational vlogs with distinct Cape flavour are his specialty.

He talks about people, and all the weird and wonderful things we do - from a funny advice column, to finding love, to pulling off a dirty look, or as it’s known in his home town, a “vuil kyk.” Click here to visit their channel.



Think of Anarchadium’s show “Broke N*ggaz” as an ongoing commentary on South African youth culture in the heart of its business capital, Johannesburg.

Only about a year in, this is a Vlog on steroids. Menzi is host, director, and all-round producer, documenting life as he and his friends see it. If you like culture documentaries but can’t stand how long they can get, Anarchadium’s channel might be for you. Click here to visit their channel.


Kruger Sightings

Nadav Ossendryver started this channel in his early teens after his parents stopped letting him flag down people in other cars on their trips to South Africa’s Kruger National park so he could ask them what animals they had seen.

He realised tourists needed a way to share their adventures and animal sightings and now, it’s one of the biggest channels on the continent. Not only do they feature incredible safari footage, they do live cam events! Subscribe if you’re a wildlife fan, you can literally watch a crocodile eat his lunch from your couch. Click here to visit their channel.


Sibu Mpanza

It’s been full steam ahead since Sibu’s first video in 2014. His channel is all about South African youth, with bits and pieces of everything that make up that experience, from identity politics to varsity life to current affairs.

Watch his channel and his #BreakTheNet entries (he went all the way to final 3!) for funny honesty and a peek at young South Africa. Click here to visit his channel.


Modupe Oloruntoba is a Nigerian content creator and writer based in Cape Town. When she's not writing about fashion and youth culture for's blog The Way of Us, she can be found tweeting, singing, or indulging in her love of good food and bad puns.