8 YouTubers Who Nearly Died But Luckily Made A Storytime Video Instead

20 February 2017, 16:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

What a rollercoaster.

As a website solely dedicated to a love of YouTubers and everything YouTube related, we absolutely adore it when creators go viral and get noticed by the rest of the planet too. So imagine our excitement when storytime YouTubers started to make waves at the end of 2016. And it turns out a lot of YouTubers nearly died but have been luckily still here to tell the tale.

Today we're going to celebrating the bravest of the storytime YouTubers; the ones who went through true hardship only to have the courage to drag themselves in front of a camera, solider on, and make some content for all of us watching at home. Here are eight YouTubers who went through a rough patch in their life, but found it in their hearts to upload a video anyway.


Channon Rose had one of the roughest childhood's we've ever heard about... can you imagine being told you can't suck your thumb anymore?! OH THE "TORTURE"!!


Tana Mongeau is the queen of storytime videos, but did you know that she nearly died after an Uber driver drove over a pothole?! How shocking, she's lucky to have made it out alive tbh.


JennxPenn went through some serious peril when she went on a boat with her family and nearly drowned at sea because she fell in love with a poor boy. Oh wait, this sounds familiar...


If you definitely won't want a demon in your house, then listen to Brooke and take note: YouTubers nearly die when they play about with dark magic.


This storytime video comes to you from someone who went to a psychic, was given a bag of petals and thought she was going to die. I mean, that's just about enough information for a clickbait headline, if not a near-death experience.


Some fans think this video is about a guardian angel and a demon fighting over the life of this young child and soon-to-be-YouTuber. Aren't we so lucky that these things happen to potential creators?


Okay, so this YouTuber didn't personally nearly die, but the person next to them did... That's a 6 minute video right?! Thank god Carrie was able to keep that person alive and then make a video about the experience!


Okay, so if you believe in ghosts, you 100% shouldn't watch this. However, if you want to hear a rather entertaining story of how a YouTuber nearly died, then maybe this will whet your whistle too.