6 Panels You CANNOT Miss At Summer In The City 2016

9 August 2016, 18:24 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Looking for more to do than just meet & greets at Summer In The City? Time to get involved in some serious (and funny) discussions with your faves!

Summer In The City is only a few days away, and apparently NOBODY is prepared. The amount of Tweets we've seen today of creators struggling to pick their outfits is truly baffling.


If you're coming along this weekend, you might still be trying to plan your days at the event. This is  the biggest YouTube event in the UK after all; there's way too much to do! Especially if you have a lot of time before your next meet & greet. So might we suggest a few panels?

Given that most attendees will be going on Saturday and Sunday, and Friday's Industry Day is focused mainly on the business side of YouTube (although if you're coming on Friday, we're running a panel called "YouTube As A Source For News": be there!), we decided to just pick our top choices from the weekend. So if you're looking for things to do during SitC, here's six panels you absolutely cannot miss:


Mental Health Panel (2pm, Panel Room 2)

Who: Teoh Lander-Boyce, Savannah Brown, Beckie J Brown, Gary C, Wot Fanar

What: Mental health and YouTube go hand-in-hand way more than people realise. Above all else, it's important to talk about it. This group of creators who have dealt with everything from anxiety to trichotillomania will open up about sharing their issues online, helping their audiences to identify their own mental health problems, and how it all affects the creative process.


#YouTubeHonestyHour (3pm, Panel Room 1)

Who: Jon Cozart, Tim H, Daniel J. Layton, Brizzy Voices, Laci Green, Jimmy0010

What: We all know that YouTube Honesty Hour on Twitter can get quite salty; so why not watch a bunch of YouTubers spend an hour dishing on all their grievances within the community, industry, and even some famous names that you've been secretly sick of for months?! Genuinely entertaining sass from some witty creators.


The Creator/Viewer Divide (5pm, Panel Room 2)

Who: Steven Bridges, Evan Edinger, Dottie James, Nathan Zed, Jana Vlogs

What: Ever feel like it's impossible for you to befriend your favourite YouTuber? Or become successful enough for them to notice you? Well you're not alone, and there are plenty of healthy explanations. Join this group of rising creators, as they discuss the tricky ins and outs of becoming a bigger YouTuber - and what that means for their relationship with their audience.



Animation Panel (12pm, Panel Room 3)

Who: Ed Stockham, Matt Ley, RageNineteen, Chloe Dungate, Kreid, Eddache, Maddy Vian

What: Animation is inarguably one of the funniest unsung genres of YouTube. Where do animators fit in the grand scheme of the YouTube industry? What's it like making animations for bigger creators like Pewdiepie? And why the hell did you draw that? Join some of the UK's best animators for what is guaranteed to be a hilarious chat about cartoons and despair.


Ethnicity & Diversity Online (3pm, Panel Room 2)

Who: KhanStopMe, Suli Breaks, Nathan Zed, Scola Dondo, Eman Kellam

What: YouTube is a very big place these days; but it's also still very white. There's a lot more that can be done to diversify the face of the site, but it's going to take effort from the entire creator community, their audiences, and YouTube themselves. This group of POC creators will share their experiences as a non-white YouTuber and how they believe the future of diversity on YouTube can be achieved.

nathan zed

The Importance Of Coming Out Online (4pm, Panel Room 2)

Who: Melanie Murphy, Riyadh K, Trent & Luke, Damilola Adejonwo, Laci Green

What: "Coming Out" videos: Just a gimmick to boost your audience overnight, or a way to use your platform and your identity to inspire others? This panel of LGBTQ+ creators will discuss the way they present their own sexual identities online, the repercussions of being out and proud on the internet, and the way they encourage their audiences to embrace themselves no matter who they love.

There will of course be a ton of other things to do at this year's event; and you can find out all about it by keeping an eye on the SitC Twitter page, or the schedules on the website.

See you there!