Want To Get A Piercing? Here's What You NEED To Know

28 October 2016, 16:06 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Sarah Finley

Ear piercing is popular again, after Tanya Burr had hers pierced recently, but where do you even start?

If  Tanya Burr's recent video on ear piercing is anything to go by then ear piercing is officially cool again.

In her latest video Tanya braved it in the chair so that she could have another piercing done. And even though it looked a little painful, it also looked pretty cool too. So throw out those Claire's accessories clip on earrings (which you never really liked anyway) and try to muster up the courage, like Tanya, to get that piercing done.

But where do you even start - how many piercings should you get, where should you get them and would studs or hoops suit you better?

If you're a newbie to ear piercing then start with a standard lobe peircing - surely the least painful and most common piercing you can get.

If you're feeling a little more adventorous and be more on trend (albeit a slightly more painful trend) try having the middle part of the outer rim of your ear pierced, or otherwise known as the auricle piercing. This one, with a pearl earing below is gorgeous.



Another common piercing is the tragus piercing, located on the outer ear. Adding a pretty jewel to it, or a detailed hoop may help the pain of having it actually done subside.



Or if you really want to be on trend then go for this constellations look. The star like patterns are piercings in groups of three or more on the earlobe or cartilage and then worn with dainty earrings or studs.



So pretty - it's made our ears look a bit boring in comparison.