7 TATINOF Phone Wallpapers You Need To Download Right Now

19 October 2016, 12:08 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

The one thing your phone has been lacking - until now!

TATINOF fever is still raging across the globe, affecting millions of lives and leaving countless phans hospitalised with cases of hysterical fandom. The TAT train rolls on as today we take a look at some awesome TATINOF-themed phone wallpapers that will jazz your phone right up.  Enjoy!


1. A microwave wave

From the incredibly talented sidewayzgary (see more of their wonderful creations here!)


2.  The stars are out

By the very talented pocket-phil.


3. Three, two, one - jump!

From the genius that is Smoldantrash.


4. Hitchhikers

Another treasure from sidewayzgary.


5. Let's get golden

Another treasure from sidewayzgary.


6. Hollywood...

From sidewayzgary.


7. Or bust!

From sidewayzgary.