8 of Best Taylor Swift Covers On YouTube

13 October 2015, 13:34 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We've got a blank space, baby, and we'll write your name

YouTube is amazing for music... And not just watching "See You Again" for the billionth time. From finding undiscovered talent to watching your favourite vloggers showcase amazing original songs, we can happily lose ourselves for hours with nothing but our laptop and a pair of headphones for company.

And whilst we recently featured our favourite acapella songs, we started to wonder which YouTubers had covered songs by our favourite artists. In an "experiment" which saw us listening to music for 13 hours straight, we've found the best covers of some of the best Taylor Swift tracks.

Enjoy and prepare to join the squad.

The Punk Version Of Blank Space

Who knew this would sound so good?! This video has already had 16 million views and counting and the  band are currently on tour in the States if you want to see them play this live.


The Haunting Version of Wildest Dreams

If you like Birdy and haunting female vocals, you'll fall in love with Alice's cover of Wildest Dreams. This video is simply Alice playing and singing to camera- there's nothing complicated and that adds to the charm of the whole thing.


The Disney Version of Shake It Off

We have few words for this masterpiece. All your favourite Disney characters and some hilarious lyric changes make this video a must-see!


The Version of Last Kiss That Made Us Cry

YouTuber MusicalBethan spoke to us recently about having to go through a break-up in the public eye and this recent version of Last Kiss is clearly a testament to how she's currently feeling. The video sees Bethan singing the poignant words, interjected with clips of her in happier times. Get the tissues out...


The Out of the Woods Cover That Makes Us Wonder Why More Men Don't Cover Tay

Five piece male vocal group Anthem Lights give Taylor a run for her money with their cover and exceptional harmonies and prove that either sex can cover Taylor with style.


The Retro Version of Style

We'd never considered how Tay's songs would work if done in a 50s style but PostmodernJukebox clearly have. A unique take on a cover, we could totally picture the late Amy Winehouse singing this.


The Version of Last Time That Made Us Fall In Love

OK, not literally. But Last Time is one of our personal favourites and we reckon it's pretty underrated. This cover is what the song is all about- heartfelt lyrics and two great voices.


The Miranda Sings and Colleen Evans Version of Wildest Dreams

We have no words.

Know of any other Taylor Swift covers you love? Let us know in the comments below.