Who Are "Team 10" And What Is Their Basic-Ass Drama All About?

14 June 2017, 14:27 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

team 10

By Liam Dryden

An in-depth look at the most superficial beef the YouTube community has ever had to deal with.

If you've been actively ignoring certain corners of YouTube as much as we have tried to, then you'll have missed out on one of the weirdest beefs (beeves?) this year. But before we get into it, visualise what would happen if 'West Side Story' had a torrid affair with 'Empire' in the back of a Hollister. After that, you might have an idea of what is going on with "Team 10".

jake paul team 10 it's everyday bro

Team 10 is a production company/talent network/media brand of sorts founded by Jake Paul.

The former Viner-turned-general influencer and a squad of his pals all occupy a house that makes Zalfie's new pad look quaint. The current line-up in the house, according to the glossy website, consists of Jake, Alissa Violet, Alex Lange, AJ Mitchell and the Dobre twins. And in this base of operations, it's all content, all the time. Because having been forcefully retired from the Vine genre of "How Ratchet Girls Speak", every one of the bright young stars in the house is working on becoming the next big name in Hollywood.

That is, until for some reason they get booted out.

alissa violet team 10 jake paul logan paul

Alissa Violet was "kicked out" of the Team 10 house after splitting up with Jake.

There's a lot of "he-said-she-said" floating around about the nature of their break-up; the sort of thing that wouldn't look out of place in a group chat of roleplaying 13 year-olds. But ultimately, the drama has been not only very public, but upsettingly musical.

On May 30th, Jake released a now infamous "diss track" called 'It's Everyday Bro'.

In a rap video that looks like what would happen if you stripped the Lonely Island of any irony, Jake harnesses the damaging trope of the "crazy ex" to discredit Alissa. Also for some reason, Jake takes a pop at his older brother Logan; in a line referencing MAGCON, another digital-boy-teen-collective his brother was involved with.

In a throwaway line, Jake also references how they "pass all the competition man, PewDiePie is next;" which, after a wave of Team 10 fans goading Pewds in his mentions, resulted in him posting a reaction video.

There's so much more to this story, but we should make a point of saying now: this is probably the only worthwhile piece of content to come from the whole thing.


And then Logan responded. With another diss track.

Four days after 'It's Everyday Bro' had left a very specific corner of the internet reeling, Logan finally dropped his own clapback, called 'The Fall Of Jake Paul'. Ignore for a minute that it looks like it was filmed at the exact same house. In fact don't.

The video cuts to a vlog halfway, at which point Logan reveals cryptically that there was an unused second verse that was "too real". #TheSecondVerse has since become a running thing that somehow hasn't tipped off a large percentage of their fanbase to the complete fabrication of this whole saga.

Logan sent Jake the Second Verse anyway.

We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that everyone involved has probably made tens of thousands of dollars from ad revenue and product placements throughout this whole series of uploads.


Meanwhile, Alissa also dropped a song of her own with RiceGum.

Notorious for wading into drama and then making diss tracks about it, RiceGum collaborated with Jake's jilted ex on a half-response, half-parody called "It's Everynight Sis". Amongst other things, the pair call out Jake for his alleged past as a school bully, and his riding of his brother's coat-tails.

If you've lost track of this thread already, we honestly don't blame you.


Then like a day later, the brothers Paul made up. And released two music videos.

We're very, very tired.



The whole thing now seems to have come to a head, in the most infuriatingly 2017 way possible; having a joint therapy session mediated not by an actual therapist, but "Cash Me Outside" problem teen Danielle Bregoli.

There are at least a dozen more videos relating to this nightmare that have been excluded from this timeline, including at least two of Jake reacting to the Second Verse; but we are perfectly aware that most people won't even watch the videos included here.

But now that the dust has settled, the best possible outcome of this whole thing would be a reveal that Team 10 is in fact a social experiment pseudo-reality webseries; in which case, get in line boys, lonelygirl15 did it a decade ago. But the truth is probably exactly as it appears - Just a great bit of marketing for Team 10.

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