The Rules Of Living In The Team 10 House Are Next Level Outrageous

14 March 2018, 15:37

Team 10 rules
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

If you want to be part of Team 10, you have to follow these rules

Jake Paul runs a tight ship over at ol' Team 10. But how exactly does he keep all those rowdy millennials in line? Well it looks like he maintains order in America's Loudest House by demanding that every resident follows a series of strict rules.

A lot of this information comes from former Team 10 member Alissa Violet, who left the group on bad terms with Jake Paul, so take everything with a pinch of salt.

1. Team members sign a five year contract

It's nothing compared to Scientology's infamous 'billion year contract', but five years is still a hefty chunk of time, particularly for a young person in a fast-moving industry.

Plus, when you take into account the speed of the turnover over at Team 10 Towers, it might be a foolish move to lock yourself in for five years, when you're only likely to stick around for six months. Particularly considering the next rule...

2. Jake takes a 20% cut of what team members make

This is a pretty sweet deal... for Jake Paul. If you've ever wondered how Jake manages to make so much moolah, particularly with demonetisation laying waste to the platform, then the cheeky 20% he's shaving off every other Team 10 member should be helping him nicely. To be clear, all the members are entering these contracts voluntarily, it's not like Jake is tricking or forcing them.

3. There's a $500 fine for smoking or drinking inside the house

Jake Paul loves chaos - but only when it's firmly inside a nicely monetised ten minute YouTube video. When it comes to life outside the lens, however, Jake takes a more sober approach - literally. Residents are not allowed to smoke or drink inside the Team 10 house - and Alissa says (albeit in an offhand way, so she might be exaggerating), that doing so would land a team member a "$500 fine". More than anything, the $500 fine is a sign of how goddamn rich these kids are.

4. Every house guest has to be approved by Jake

Yep, every time a team member wants to bring a visitor to the house, they have to run it by Jake. This doesn't actually seem hugely unreasonable seeing as it's, you know, where he lives, but Jake would sometimes wield his power a little unfairly. Alissa says that Jake never let her bring male friends to the house. I wonder why?

For more details, check out Alissa's video here: