10 Vine Trends We're Happy To Leave In 2015

31 December 2015, 11:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

If we hear the Little Einstein's song one more time...

Nostalgia should be declared public enemy number one, closely followed by undying Vine trends. This year, known as the 2015th time a calendar was printed, went into overdrive on Vine memes and my god did some of them get old quick.

So, with gritted teeth and the tired expression of someone who has just spent the last day digging in the archives of dated Vines, I give you the 10 six-second memes we cannot wait to leave behind in 2015*.

*We honestly hope they freaking stay there.


"Hoe don't do it... Oh my god..."

Fail videos have been a staple of the Internet for a long long time, so rehashing these stupid attempts at glory with some man shouting 'oh my gawd' in the background is only funny once.

But no, this trend felt like it went on for absolute years. Throw it in the sea and be done with it people.



Okay, so the video selected to represent this Vine trend is literally the only good one out of a very bad bunch, but the point remains; this trend was just ruddy awful.

In fact, the only other Vine that made it better was based on some old woman not getting the joke and being all real talk about her crocs. Now THAT's funny.


Iggy Azalea rapping utter nonsense.

Don't get us wrong, laughing at Iggy was one of the only things to do on the Internet. But it came with it's own side portion of hell as it meant we had to keep listening to that awful freestyling.

This Vine trend stopped being funny immediately after someone nailed the 'rap juice' joke.


"I'm in love with the Coco".

This song though. Did anyone actually listen to this song after that one line?! We highly doubt you did. And much like with the Iggy scenario, the repetition of the same singular part of a song gets tired preeeeeetty darn quickly.

This one can go in the sea as well.


Hotline Bling remixes.

Drake by himself is enough of a joke to fuel the Internet for hundreds of years. And while we admit that this trend did make us chuckle for a while, nothing else could match the tennis edition above.

We send a serious plea out to Vine creators to stop trying once peak meme-age has been achieved.


Watching people 'Whip' and 'Nae Nae'.

WHAT EVEN IS A NAE NAE? As a person who appreciates a good dance trend, 'whipping' was never something I intended to show off at a wedding.

This trend gripped the nation and unfortunately, we must admit, we think it will continue long into 2016.


The Little Einstein's theme song.

Why is this a thing that even happened in 2015?! I watch this show with my daughter, and it's now been tainted by Vine and their need to dance over inappropriate songs.

Honestly, call me 'peak Internet mom' but I just never understood how this came to be a thing this year. It's a kids show people - go back to the Whipping!


"Deez Nuts! HA! GATEE!"

The original version of this video/trend/whatever you want to call it was funny, we admit it. But every single variation that came out since, was just terrible. It was the same joke over and over and over again!

It got to a point where I legitimately heard my cousin say 'DEEZ NUTS' in context of an actual, human conversation with her parents. I mean... what happened to human evolution, and when will we eventually surrender to our alien overlords?

We don't deserve this planet anymore.


The screaming duck army.

Honesty hour: There isn't a single Vine of that goddamn screaming duck that doesn't make me break down into a fit of laughter and tears. Seriously. It's my Kryptonite. But here lies the problem, it will be overused and ruined before it's too late to save the original majesty of the duck army.

Please people, leave this gem in 2015 when we shall return to it next year and smile at it's lasting, untainted memory.


That guy who was just 'okay'.

Someone please explain why this was ever funny. This man is just okay with his life, and that got turned into a meme? Do we just make memes out of anything these days?

The fact that Viners tried to hold this up as comedy gold alongside Pepe and that Grumpy Cat thing is basic madness to us. The clip is just a man conveying his mundane emotional state.


GODS OF VINE - please cast theme memes into the depths of Mount Doom and declare 2015 over and done with please.