The YouTubers Guide To Owning Thanksgiving Like A Boss

19 November 2015, 16:37 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it seems fitting to get into the holiday spirit and begin to style your entire life around the festivities. And we mean your entire life.

Below you'll find some handy tips on how to make your life as Thanksgiving as heck so you can impress all your followers on Instagram with 'GOALS AF' pictures of how sweet you are. Are you ready? We hope you're ready for this.

  • MUSIC - We've scoured the Internet far and wide, and trust us, this Indie/Folk compilation is everything you will need to listen to this season. Boil the kettle and slip on some knee socks, it's about to get chill up in here.


  • CRAFTING - We can say without hesitation that you have PlayDoh in your house. Everyone does. It smells fan-freaking-tastic and is the best invention since, well, anything. PlayDoh wins everything. So dig it out your shame cupboard and make some plasticine poultry for your Turkey Day Dinner!


  • COOKING - Let's be honest, Thanksgiving is just the practise/exercise you give your stomach before Christmas begins, amirite? Well, once you've filled every orifice of your body with stuffing and bacon, what do you do with the leftovers aside from weep over the fact its all unfinished? Unicorns have you covered: RECYCLE IT!


  • BOOKS - You've eaten your body weight in food. You're a little merry on rum and coke. And now your family is trying to start a game of Trivial Pursuit even though it always end in pain and torture. Well now you're sorted with our Fall reading guide! Pick up a copy of any of these wonderful literary greats and simply leave the drunken mess you often call a family behind; you're going to a better place now.


  • GAMES - Games are great throughout the entire year, but what about seasonal games?! we already know what to play for Christmas, even for Valentines Day, but what the heck do you play on Thanksgiving?! iHasCupquake has you covered this time with a selection of fall-themed games that seem to get darker and darker...


  • FOOD ENVY - It is very important during the festivities to let everyone online see how much you're enjoying yourself and that your day is trumping whatever rubbish they're all up to. But it's a dangerous game to play, as more often than not you're the one left with egg on your face as you witness someone else live out a truly spectacular Thanksgiving event. For the ultimate food envy, there is no one else quite like Epic Meal Time.


  • BEAUTY REGIME - A solid Fall beauty regime is vital this time of year as you desperately try to chase away the reptilian skin and running mascara with every single beauty product that MAC has to offer. It's all well and good telling us how to get on the perfect brow game, but what about the rest of this shabby mess?! Dulce Candy's magnificent video below helps not only with the skin problems, but also amazing care routines for your hair and nails! Look fabulous everyone!


  • MAKE-UP - There is no one in the world who can slay a makeup look like Manny MUA. Seriously. This smokey eye is incredible for this fall/winter season as the desire to dress head-to-toe in black and start throwing out death stares as the wind ruins your perfectly styled hair slowly overcomes you. God bless you Manny.


  • FASHION -  Dressing to kill is of the utmost importance when it comes to Jack Frost rolling into your life - you gotta keep warm but you cannot stop serving those runway killing looks. Maddi Bragg is on point once again with the correct way to dress yourself for Fall. So make sure when you sit around that table on Thanksgiving, you're giving your family straight up fleek looks with your clothing.


  • DRINKS - Last but not least, you need to have the perfect cuppa something sweet to go with all that fashion and culture you're serving on Thanksgiving. How To Basic delivers to us all an absolutely iconic video of 'How To Make Iced Coffee' that you are going to want to watch over and over and over again. We dare you.


Feeling festive yet? If not, we can tell you haven't implemented all our marvellous Thanksgiving tips into your life!! Get on with it, start living and make Turkey Day 2015 the best it has ever been!