That Poppy’s Real Identity Has Been Uncovered... But There’s More To The Story

25 October 2017, 13:26 | Updated: 8 November 2017, 15:22

that poppy facts and real name

By Benedict Townsend

I'm Poppy

'That Poppy' has delighted and perplexed the internet in equal measure. The softly spoken singer is both a popular musician and living meme, existing in a space between character and art project. Much of Poppy's popularity (outside of her genuinely good music) arises from her mystique.

Who is she? What do her videos mean? Why, despite her friendly appearance, is there always a sinister feeling lingering in the background of everything she makes? Why, exactly, is a video of a pleasant young woman talking about a simple topic so goddamn unsettling?

The real Poppy

Poppy's real name is supposedly Moriah Perriera. She had a music career before meeting a mysterious figure called 'Titanic Sinclair', who is the supposed mastermind behind the Poppy project.

Contrary to popular belief, she is a real human being who is capable of human emotion. This can be seen in interviews when she very occasionally (and briefly) break character:


Here's where things get a little creepy

You see, although she is the Poppy we all know and fear love, she is not actually the first Poppy. According to 'Before They Were Famous' there was another 'original' Poppy played by a girl named Mars Argo. Mars fell out with Titanic Sinclair and then disappeared from the internet. All her work as Poppy was then deleted and Moriah, the Poppy we all know, took over.

It begs the question - if Moriah ever decided to leave, would she also be erased from YouTube and replaced with another peppy-scary incarnation? Is Poppy a concept that is bigger than one person? Am ... am I Poppy?!

See the full video here