Here's All The People You'll Meet In The Comments Section

14 June 2016, 16:05 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

Here come the Comment Brigade...

Do you remember the good old days where the comments section of YouTube videos would be filled with response videos, friendly chit-chat and helpful info? (Did that time even exist?) Yes, the comments section used to be a place to make conversation, now they're dominated by the Comment Brigade. You all know them - and get frustrated by them -  and we've included them below.

Notification Squad 

These guys prove they are the most dedicated fans by choosing to be notified when their fave YouTuber uploads. They click as soon as they get the notification and make sure to comment "notification squad" or before they have probably even watched the video. Pretty boring squad name, if you ask me.

"Subscribe To My Channel!" 

Yes, we all know that is incredibly hard to be noticed as a small YouTuber when there are now so many people trying to break into this industry. As a result, we see people commenting on multiple videos trying desperately (and we mean desperately) to persuade viewers to subscribe to their channel. And it's not exactly subtle. Most of these comments have simply been copy and pasted lazily onto numerous different channels. You might want to take a leaf out of YouTuber Shane Dawson's book who wrote this under one of fellow YouTubers Liam Kyle Sullivan's videos, "hey I dress up in dresses and wigs too maybe you would like my channel [sic]". Well, that's one way of getting attention.


Ok, this is obvious but it's a well known fact that trolls ruin the internet. You know them, they'll comment something pointless ones like a lone swear word or pulling apart someones looks instead of a thought out critical comment which might actually you know, add something to a discussion. Pointless insults just bring the community down. No one likes a troll.


Hands up anyone who has witnessed an argument in the comments section over who was first to comment. The first quarter of a comments section will all say the same thing: "First!" I guess these guys think they're winning something while the rest of us are happy to take a respectable second or third place in this weird YouTube race.

Notice Me 

Who doesn't want their Senpai to notice them? Asking repeatably may help but kinda clogs up the comment section. Please stop.


Random, Super Quirky I-Am-So-Funny Comments 

It seems some people just love putting weird comments that have zero relevance to what the video is about in an attempt to get those likes. Some YouTubers (Jim Chapman, PewDiePie and Marcus Butler) now create whole videos reading out strange comments that are often referencing random memes.  A quick glance in the comment sections sees someone call Sarah say this which pretty much sums up what we mean: "I like to cover myself in Vaseline and pretend I'm a slug." OK Sarah, don't we all.


 Petty Arguments 

It is a hard task to find a comments section that doesn't include an argument between viewers over anything from wasting money on that top or someone doesn't agree with their eating habits. These commenters prove you can create an argument out of almost anything.

Saying all that, there are some people we LOVE in the comments section:

To all those conversation starters and anyone supporting the creators and the community, we salute you.

Have we missed anyone else of the list? Comment courgette if you think we have.