The Ultimate Guide To Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

29 October 2015, 15:45 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Halloween has crept up on us like a spooky lil ghoul and now you need a costume that will put the hell in"hella sick costume, dude." The only problem is you've been, like, suuuper busy doing stuff and also things - and now you've found yourself with nothing to wear!

You now have two choices: you can either pay out mega bucks for an overpriced pre-made costume ($90 for a Pizza Rat outfit ... seriously?!) Or you can make yourself a cheap and cheerful costume in your very own home. Lucky for you, we've sorted through the thousands of YouTube guides to present you with just what you need to put together a spook-tacular outfit.


1. Brooklyn And Bailey Show Us 28 super easy Costumes You Can Put Together In Less Than A Minute!

No need to be a cat for the 40th Halloween in a row - these creative ladies have got you sorted.


2.  Krazyrayray Shows Us Some Super Easy But Really Effective Costume Ideas

The cool thing about these costumes is that because they're so simple, you can totally put your own spin on them. For example, may we suggest Netflix and Kill?


3. WolfieRaps Shows Us Some Hilarious Unisex Costumes 

Everyone loves a quirky, original costume and everyone loves Ninja Turtles (especially if they're teenaged), so why not put them together?


4. ChloeCouture Shows Us 30 Ideas That Can't Fail

Gold medal goes to the Sim costume. It's simple but it's a classic.


5. ShiCurves Shows Us Some Great Halloween Costumes For People Of All Sizes

Easy, elegant, cheap - the three qualities a great costume should have.


6. Are You REALLY Short On Props? Don't worry! AwesomenessTV are here to help!

They show you have to make three different costumes, using only a white shirt!


7. Eleventhgorgeous Show Us Some Great Last-Minute Costumes, Inspired By YouTubers!

Use your existing clothes to Frankenstein together some amazingly accurate YouTuber-inspired outfits!

For more YouTuber-inspired Halloween costumes, you can check out our guide by clicking here. Happy Halloween!