5 Expert Tips For Making A Successful Collab Video

3 February 2016, 09:31 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Ready to get some more YouTubers into your videos? Here's how to do it right!

YouTube collabs: fun! Ever since vloggers started making videos together way back in the day, we've loved watching them, using them to find new creators to watch, and for a few of us, even making them. And if you're a budding YouTuber, you probably can't wait to rope some bigger creators that you love into starring on your channel.

But not so fast! It's not so easy as emailing Tyler Oakley and asking if he wants to do the Best Friend Tag with you. A good collab takes the right ideas, the right amount of commitment, and above all, the right people. Here's some tips from the pros on how to make the best collab for you!


Work with your friends

The best collabs usually happen between people who have great chemistry on and off-camera; but sometimes, YouTubers will just work together for the subscribers (often at the suggestion of their management). But there's nothing more painful to watch than two fairly popular creators with nothing in common trying to fake a friendship.

Which is why we suggest: not doing this. Believe me, EVERYONE can sense the awkward. Besides, working with friends is way more fun! You always have a lot more freedom to make the craziest of videos with your pals.


Plan what you're filming

Whether you're doing a tag video, a Q&A; or even just a casual chat, it's important to go into a collab with a plan. If you sit down in front of the camera with your collab partner and there's no plan, you're going to have a pretty awkward vlog on your hands.

However, that doesn't mean you can't make a video where you just banter with your friends, and see what comes out of it; but it doesn't hurt to go in prepared with a few talking points! You can always ask your subscribers for questions or ideas if you're stuck: and if in doubt, there's always alcohol.


Make TWO Videos

Even if you are just making a collab for fun, it can have a lot of benefits for both your channels - but only if you both get a video out of it! If someone's nice enough to collab with you, it's only polite to make sure they get to join that content wagon at the same time.

A lot of collabing YouTubers make two videos (or more, depending on how many people are there) and upload one each to their own individual channels at the same time. That way you can say something like "go check out the other video we did together", driving your subscribers to each other's channels, and helping each other grow!



Here's a harsh truth: Everyone has seen your boyfriends doing your makeup. Everyone has done the Whisper Challenge. And everyone is bored of YouTubers trying American candy. If you're gonna collab with another YouTuber, this is the perfect opportunity to put your two creative little heads together and come up with a whole new idea!

Collabing with other YouTubers is a great opportunity to start a new series of videos, especially if you have an original idea that's been brewing for a while: Hannah Hart has My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah Witton has Drunk Advice, and Daniel J Layton has Baking With Layton (not always drunk). Don't be afraid to let the influence of another creator spurn your creative juices! And don't waste valuable filming time on yet another Accent Challenge...


Lastly, and possibly most importantly...

Don't make the other person look bad

A YouTuber's first instinct in making their own videos is usually to make themselves look as cool and funny and #relatable as they possibly can. But when you do a collab, you're vlogging for two (or more). That's at least two big personalities sharing the space of one!

You want your audience to fall in love with your friend, and want to watch more of their stuff; So it's really important, when filming, editing, and promoting your collab, to keep checking yourself. Be careful not to talk over your collab partner, embarrass them, or cut all their good parts out. Your audience presumably already likes you, so don't be afraid to step back!


You're ready!

You're all prepared to make an awesome collab video. So grab your camera, grab your pals and get to work!