10 Hilarious Toby Turner Gaming Moments That Will Have You Crying With Laughter

5 November 2015, 14:18 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

How Can A Human Being Be THIS Funny?

Toby Turner has a superhuman amount of energy and an infectiously positive attitude. He's also a hilariously hilarious. This hilarity really shines on his gaming channel, where his wild imagination combines with the randomness of video games to create a moments that will have you doubled-over with laughter. We've put together a collection of some those awesome moments, for your viewing pleasure:


1. TobyGames In A Nutshell

If you're not that familiar with Toby's gaming, this video pretty much sums things up:


2. Minecraft Folk Tale

Somehow, right in the middle of a Minecraft Let's Play, Toby managed to tell an incredibly intricate and stomach-hurtingly hilarious folk tale about a scorpion and a frog. We don't know what it's like inside his head but we bet it's bananas.


3. I Can Swing My Sword Song

Toby isn't just great at improvising stories - he's also great at improvising songs too! Watch up until 3:40 to see both Toby's song and his hilarious monologue that follows, which is accompanied by soft Minecraft music. In this monologue he ponders the mysteries of life, before cracking up and saying, "what's the point of watching my episodes?" It's because they're hilarious, Toby!


4. Irresponsible Dad In Happy Wheels

One of the highlights of Toby's delightfully destructive Happy Wheels series are the mini-sketches starring a son who always dies and his unsympathetic.


5. A Minecraft Surprise 

You can watch this 1000 times and it'll never not be funny.


6. Fallout - Go To Sleep Song

Killing a bad guy isn't enough for Tobuscus - he also needs to sing them a lullaby.


7. Games Have A Mind Of Their Own

The great thing about modern games is that the characters are often capable of thinking for themselves - in this video, Toby watches a guard get the best of him - and is just impressed.


8. Toby Can't Stop Dying

Toby is often at his most hilarious when he's dying - a lot .


9. Fiery Bed Of Doom In Minecraft

Toby tries to build a bedroom underneath a lava flow. Yep. You can see where this is going:


10. Sugar Cane Song / Epic Story

Family, adultery, murder - this epic, improvised musical story has it all. Oh, and it's about sugar cane. We also get to enjoy Toby's genuinely amazing singing voice! Enjoy:


So there we have it, ten amazingly hilarious TobyGames moments. We love you, Toby - you gaming madman. Speaking of gaming, if you want to become a YouTube gamer yourself - you can! Just look at our handy guide here.