TRENDING: What YouTubers Have Been Playing This Week

19 January 2016, 16:23 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This week we saw Disney Princess Makeovers and Ice Cube playing GTAV!

There isn't enough time in the world to PLAY every single game, let alone watch every single video of people playing games! So instead we've collected the most popular gaming videos of the week to see what YouTubers have been playing - let it inform your choices!


PewDiePie - Garry's Mod (Guess Who Mod)

Felix posted a hilarious collab this week in which he played the best game of Hide and Seek ever known to man - inside Garry's Mod. Expect absolute tomfoolery to ensue every time Pewds uploads a Garry's Mod video, because it's engine alone is enough to make us die with laughter. Please can someone play this with us?!


Markiplier - SAAAM

We were super excited to watch Mark's recent video as we've not seen many other people playing SAAAM! The game gives off such a creepy vibe and we hope Mark continues to play this game - the scratches inside his lift were a big WTF for us all right from the off! Also, we love how attached Mark gets with SAAAM as well; we ship them hard.


JackSepticEye - Kingdom

Jack kicked off a new series this week with a game called Kingdom; a nice, simple, beautiful pixel game about slaying people on horses and being sensible with money! Again, Jack shows everyone on the Internet how to properly make a Let's Play video based on how much he gets into the imaginary story he invents outside the game. What a cinnamon roll.


Game Grumps - Portal 2

God there's just something so calming about hearing that Game Grump introduction! Well now Arin and Danny are back after a two week long Portal 2 break to bring us this goodness. BTW, Danny does the best GLaDoS impersonation and we've never been more furious watching two grown men try to solve simple physics/portal based puzzles.


Dan and Phil - Undertale

The first gaming video of 2016 with Phan, and they're back with more spectacular firework graphics! The video is like, over an hour long as if you're keen for more Dan and Phil action BOY DO WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. Highlight: Dan narrating pretty much every character with a beautifully high-pitched squeak will forever be remembered as gaming gold.


iHasCupquake -GirlsGoGames

Right, we're so glad Tiffy plays these games because they're just too absurd to avoid!! Sure we're all adults, but we're massively curious about those 'Elsa Goes To The Dentist' games - the problem is that we'd never click on them! So lets have a massive round of applause for the YouTubers who play this cr*p and do us all a favour. (BTW: These games are pretty messed and Cupquake's reaction is priceless!)


SMOSH - Minecraft

Minecraft is literally never going to die, and as long as it has Mari involved, we will never stop watching. In this edition, Mari freaks out about losing her dog in a snowstorm and gets trapped in a dungeon with Wes when trying to survive a tornado. Oh yeah, it all happens this week on SMOSHGames. Spoiler: Mari then commits suicide by rescuing her dog, which tried to get a zombie but instead fell in a hole. Naturally.


Kwebbelkop - Grand Theft Auto 5

Absolute squad goals right here folks. Forget about every other GTA playthrough you've ever seen, because your life begins right now with this incredible collab. We learnt some pretty important things as well; Ice Cube's game name would be 'GameOverB***H' and Kevin Hart gets easily confused by road signs. Also, we desperately want to try Stroopwafel.