19 Trisha Paytas Gifs To Express The Full Range Of Human Emotions Within You

8 August 2017, 15:06 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Trisha Paytas Gifs

By Josh Lee

Every gif you'll ever need.


With Trisha Paytas now a bonafide Celebrity Big Brother star, we thought you might want to update your gif folders with some uniquely Trisha-esque reactions. And thanks to Trisha's ginormous personality, there are Trisha Paytas gifs for pretty much every occasion. Whether you're happy, horny, hungry or just plain (h)over it, you can bet your bottom dollar that there's a Trisha Paytas gif to suit your mood. So have a browse through some of our favourite Trisha Paytas gifs below, and enrich your life with some self-lovin', no-time-for-haters-havin', Trisha Paytas goodness.

Here are your Trisha Paytas gifs:

1. When you're tough as nails, but have a super sweet side too


2. When you've been awake for the past three days


3. When it's time to read someone to filth


4. When you're being the bigger person


5. When there's no time to let haters get in the way of feeling good about yourself


6. When it's Christmas!


7. When you're getting ready for a big night out with the girlies


8. When it's time to wash the car


9. When you let go and let God


10. When someone asks you why you use Grindr so much


11. When it's time for some perspective


12. When you refuse to change for any man


13. When you're hungry AF


14. When there's still two weeks until payday and you have Ł0.63 in your bank account


15. When you're feeling thirsty


16. When you and your bestie are looking good and feeling fine


17. When it's time to check your privilege


18. When you overhear someone being shady about you

Trisha Paytas gifs over it

19. When you're over it entirely


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