8 Pieces Of Kickass Advice YouTubers Gave Us For Fighting Trolls

15 August 2016, 14:37 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Such wise words.

Over the weekend at Summer in the City we heard a lot about the positive side of YouTube and it's ability bringing people together in a celebration of the whole idea of YouTube culture. However, some of the panels debated some pretty heavy topics about the issues that sharing your life online can bring. One such example was the 'Trolls' panel on Sunday where Helen Anderson, Melanie Murphy and many more took to the table to share their experiences and give some advice to those dealing with trolling.

Honestly, some of the experiences shared in that one hour were enough to put anybody off becoming a YouTuber, so we're here to share with you the most inspirational quotes taken from the panel to hopefully help some of you out there:


"I don't think you can avoid it but you can definitely filter it out" - Melanie Murphy

melanie murphy gid


"I quite like blocking people - I feel like I have power" - Helen Anderson



"Just don't reply because you're giving them a response and that is what they want." - Beckii Cruel


"They'd never run up to someone and say the things they say online." - Melanie Murphy

melanie murphy gif

"You've just got to shake it off." - Helen Anderson

shake it off


"You can't control the forums, you have to learn to have a thicker skin" - Melanie Murphy



"They're just not happy and that's why they do it." - Melanie Murphy


"At the end of the day they're still giving you views." - Alex Bertie

alex bertie


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