Dear Trollstation, This Is NOT How Women Have Their Periods

27 October 2016, 15:42 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We're here to help.

Dear Trollstation,

You recently uploaded a video to your channel in which a women is seen violently spraying "period blood" out of her body and onto the pavement. Whilst we're still struggling to figure out what the original intention of this ridiculous video was, we would 100% like to tell you that nobody has never, will ever or be physically capable of having periods such as the one portrayed in your video.

Before we break down every single possible way your video was disgusting, here it is for everyone who was lucky enough to be living a life without this "prank" burnt into their mind. Viewer discretion is advised: Whilst the gore in this video is fake, the effect is sickening... as is the way the female performer reacts to it.

First of all, let's talk about the way you've decided to represent the female period to your audience; it's not just factually incorrect but damaging to a whole collection of innocent minds. At the time of writing, your video is currently placed as 33rd on todays top trending videos. This not only means that you will get loads of views and therefore loads of money, but it means that this god awful display of the menstrual cycle is being seen by people who were once safe from your trash content.

Periods are normal. They're natural. They are something people have dealt with since day one on this planet. Not only was it foul to see a grown woman spray "period blood" out from between her legs, but it was disrespectful for one of your crew members to say to passersby that she was "on her blob". It's not funny, and it's offensive to everything people with periods quietly get on with without your involvement.


Next up, let's talk about the actress you've selected for this video. We can only estimate the sheer amount of money you've paid her to star in this video because what you've made her do must have been one of the most embarrassing public incidents we've ever seen. However... she's partially to blame for this.

By signing up to take the starring role in this production, she has agreed to perpetuate the harmful idea that women are allowed to wander around the streets shouting at men that she's "cramping up" and that "you men are so lucky because we have to go through this every month". By the way, this is something no woman has ever done before. It also reinforces the binary idea that only women have periods.

It is absolutely no one's business to know what a woman's body is doing. Men aren't lucky, nor are women unlucky. Her aggressive behaviour is part of the reason that harmful stereotypes about mood swings follow young women from an early age through school and all the way up to the workplace.


Finally, we need to talk about what your video is doing in the grand scheme of things. On the site, we've written extensively about YouTubers helping to normalise the conversation around periods, and particularly trying to tell young people that their upcoming menstrual cycle is not as bad or "ugly" as the media portrays it. Your video sets the whole movement back by a few decades.

Thankfully, some people in the comments also felt "disrespected" that Trollstation had reduced the female body down to a figure of spectacle and ridicule... but every other comment was asking if it was real or not. Your video, and its description underneath, never at any point alludes to the fact that the video was staged to garner reactions from the general public - which is straight up wrong.

Please, mark this garbage content as clearly as possible (either as a prank or a social experiment) because there is millions of people watching and thinking that they might be learning something new about the human body. Also, the phrase "I just had a period explosion" is one of the most offensive things we've ever heard.


So, from one content creator to another, we're begging you to stop creating damaging social experiments and pranks aimed to milk an audience for views. You should be embarrassed that you even came up with the idea to use a woman's body and her periods for horrific effect. It's time to stop.


A Female With Periods.