Troye Sivan Merch To Drive You Wild, Wild, Wild

20 April 2016, 13:49 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We NEED it all!

Troye Sivan merch is one of the best things on the entire planet. Seriously, what could be better than declaring our love for the Internet's number one precious smol bean? Troye came into our lives in 1995- which makes some of us here at We The Unicorns feel rather old. Since his literal birth, Troye has gone on to become one of the most likeable and talented people on YouTube and firmly won a place in our hearts.

troye sivan merch

If you want to be broke but filled with Troye, read on for the best bits of Troye Sivan merch we could find on the actual internet.

Bye, money!

Troye Sivan Candle

Imagine burning this as you play his songs over and over and relax in a haze of pure Troye. Of course, it smells like sweet pea. Need it in your life? It's from Etsy.

troye sivan merch


Troye Sivan T-Shirt

We did a quick poll around the We The Unicorns office and "Wild" is officially the most popular track amongst the writers, editors, developers and cleaners here at HQ. If it's your favourite too, hop on over to Etsy for this gorgeous t-shirt. We're adding it to our wish list ASAP.

troye sivan merch


Troye Sivan Mug

This floral Blue Neighbourhood mug is the prettiest way to drink our tea. RedBubble are responsible for all kinds of crazy merchandise and this was one of our favourites.

troye sivan merch


Troye Sivan Laptop Cover

When you fancy taking your laptop to Starbucks (basically, every day) then wrap it up warm with this Wild cover. It'll protect your laptop and protect your soul from dark forces.

Troye Sivan merch


Troye Sivan Notebook

When you've got revision to do or when you're plotting your huge YouTube career, be sure to scribble it all down in this Troye Sivan notebook. Look at that precious smol face!

Troye Sivan merch


Troye Sivan Beanie

Your hair looks rubbish so you should probably whack a hat on it. May we suggest this Troye Sivan hat? You can thank us later.

Troye Sivan merch


Troye Sivan Earrings

Finally, if you ship Troyler or you're just a big fan of both Troye and Tyler than you need this Etsy earrings in your life. Troye himself even tweeted about them once!

troye sivan merch