8 TV Shows That Would Be 100% Improved With A YouTuber

8 June 2016, 11:34 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

So many YouTubers are making the transition from online personality to TV personality that we're starting to wonder if we can even call them YouTubers anymore! With Joe and Caspar on E4 plus Jim Chapman hosting a YouTube documentary, we're super excited to see what will happen next. Because, lets be real, YouTubers will eventually take over the world.

Not only are our fave vloggers appearing on TV, but they're also being mentioned on successful tv shows such as Super Hans talking about Zoella on Peep Show and Marcus Butler was randomly dragged into a joke by Stewie Griffin on Family Guy. So, to celebrate the fact that our faves are kicking it off big time on TV, we've created an ultimate list of shows we wish had some of our fave YouTubers on. Let us know if you agree!


Louise Pentland on Strictly Come Dancing

It's no secret that Louise wants to go on Strictly, put on her dancing shoes and sashay into this mainstream television show. It's easy to imagine Sprinkle of Glitter in a sequinned top and tulle skirt, plus we think she would fit right in and bring a new audience to the BBC - remember when she went on Mastermind and even got it trending on Twitter?!



Joe and Caspar on Goggle Box

Can you even imagine our two favourite boys on one of our favourite television programmes ever!? Yes please. Who would of thought watching people watch TV would be a hit until the magic of Goggle Box came along. And now we want nothing more than to hear Caspar and Joe's thoughts on Downton Abbey and Eurovision. Basically the Fine Bros... just longer.



Zoe and Louise on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke

We all know and love James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, but hands up if you remember the ORIGINAL queens of singing in the car? Zoe Sugg and Louise Pentland actually started uploading car-karaoke-themed videos back in 2012. I think we will all enjoy this throwback.


Louis Cole on Bear Grylls: Mission Survival 

We think adrenaline junkie and presenter of multiple adventure TV shows Bear Grylls might meet his match if he worked with Louis Cole. Both are known for putting strange things in their mouths, plus they both share a huge love for traveling, if anything, we may have just matched up a couple soulmates right here.



Miranda Sings on The X Factor 

The British singing competition The X Factor has often come under fire for having judges and mentors that aren't exactly the most talented singers. But surely singing sensation and lipstick liner Queen Miranda Sings would solve all their problems?! TBH, one rendition of 'Where My Bae's At' would probably bring the entire show off the air indefinitely, but we would absolutely LOVE to witness it.



Jonathan Saccone-Joly on Top Gear

Jonathan is biiiiig lover of cars and pretty much vlogs about them all the time... as well as spending lots of YouTube money on them. The new revamp of Top Gear (a show where men drive cars and shout a lot, tbf) is getting mixed feedback in it's brand new season, so if they really wanted to try out a whole new set of presenters, surely this is the perfect time to move forward and involve internet stars such as Jonathan?!


Alfie Deyes on Pointless Celebrities

This is literally the most obvious one we could come up with, but it simply NEEDS to happen. Pointless Blog... on a game show... called Pointless Celebrities... A dream come true, amirite?! The show features famous contestants trying to find out the most pointless or obscure answer to a variety of questions. So we'd love to see Alfie use his branding to prove he's the most pointless person in the world.



InTheFrow on Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets 

It appears that so far in 2016, Victoria McGrath has basically lived in every luxury hotel room on the planet. From Paris to Santorini, Victoria's Snapchat is always full of hotel room tours and breath-taking views, so who better to feature in a show which follows a well dressed man as he shows people sat on their sofas the inside of the world most luxurious hotels?! We smell co-host material right here...


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